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We have seen Fennec pop up a few times, and even got blessed with a very early release of this, which brought it from a fantasy to a reality. As many of us know, beta releases tend to be a bit buggy, and rather far from perfect, and the Fennec build -- which is pre-alpha -- we all saw was just this. The first thing many noticed was the huge 30MB file size, which is rather large for an application that has to be stored on the internal memory, since the SD storage isn't available yet. In addition to this, Mozilla's working on support for the hardware buttons on the Android devices, which currently did not actually do anything on the initial build. Looks like there will be many add-ons available for this browser, which is pretty neat, and probably one of the many ways they will help cut down on the size of the file. Better zoom and multitouch also are on the horizon. The list is rather long of all the various changes that they are hoping to work into Fennec, so check them out, and stay tuned for future builds! [via Matt Brubeck]


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What's in the works for the Firefox mobile Android browser


it better be able to play Flash because Skyfire does(albeit buggy), but at least with Skyfire you have the CHANCE of watching a flash video.

Skyfire is also very very fast

For those of you who have trouble connecting to your free wifi networks at home or elsewhere (see http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=1597 ) Fennec finally worked for me.

I've tried the stock browser, Skyfire, and Dolphin. None of them would redirect correctly.

Once Fennec gets redirected to the "ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE" page and you click "Yes", the wifi connection is made and you can use all of your other apps normally (including the browser, Skyfire, and Dolphin).

At this point in the build, you can't really use Fennec to browse yet.