Boulder Dash

It's 1984 all over again, folks, and not in the scary way. The original Boulder Dash has come to the Android Market, bringing with it not one but five games (four accessible via in-app upgrades). It's got all of the classic Boulder Dash creatures and features, original retro graphics for the last three cave backs (new graphics for the first two), and ties into OpenFeint so you can compete against your friends.

Boulder Dash for Android is 99 cents for a limited time; we've got download links and demo video after the break.

Youtube link for mobile viewing
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enigma2u says:

Oh yeah it took dual core processors to bring this bad boy to android how fun!!!(insert sarcasm here) ...on a better note I would luv to see starfox or goldeneye ported in stead of this ...anyone else have any request??? Fyi mind u I know about emulators I have Mario 64 on my soon to be traded in for Gnex bionic ty

frozencloud says:

look like bomberman.

ReaganDee says:

just need a bag of cocaine and I will play this for hours

Alpha Axl says:

LOL you just made my day

Slikk says:

HAHAHA The Playstation Trophy Chime as Achievement notification!

Brownstar69 says:

Would be so much better if it was a port of the original Atari version

el demon says:

No it wouldnt.

KwietStorm says:

This game was crap back then and it's double crap now. And what's with the PS3 trophy sound lol

Bert336 says:

wow! really?? why bring crappy games over to android! they stayed behind for a reason...please give us something with high end graphics!

bolski says:

Too bad the original game is an in-app purchase. It should have been the first purchase.