Sprint this morning announced an expansion to its fledgling 4G LTE network. New up is:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Bryan-College Station, Texas
  • Boston, Mass.
  • Columbia, Tenn.
  • Emporia, Kan.
  • Fort Wayne, Ind.
  • Framingham, Mass.
  • Gettysburg, Pa.
  • Western Puerto Rico

You'll need a relatively newer Sprint smartphone to take advantage of the LTE speeds, of course.

Source: Sprint


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Boston leads latest round of Sprint LTE expansions


It's being installed very aggressively through most of Southern California right now. Waiting sucks but it is what it is.

Sprint's HQ is in KC MO and they have not even given St.Louis, 2 million+ people, 4G lte yet. Yet the Ozarks and Branson MO have gotten 4G lte, for all the hillbillies.

In stl too, I do not see the logic behind this. But who does. I will say on business trips to Chicago LTE is almost worth the wait.

I've gotten LTE in Hollywood and in parts of the San Gabriel Valley. However, when I had a Wimax phone, the speeds were faster in the same areas.

NV Deployment is well underway in Los Angeles Area, Inland Empire/ Riverside Area/ Anaheim- Orange county area, San Diego market, San Francisco Bay Area market, and San Jose market. The only markets that haven't begun are the Upper Central Valley market which includes parts of Nevada and the Lower Central Valley market. Both are slated to begin in the next 2-3 months. The SF bay and SJ markets are now slogging through permitting and the harder to get to cell sites while SoCal is rumbling away slowly.

Samsung is in charge of the South Bay (san jose), Bay (SF), Upper Central Valley (sacramento - reno), and lower central valley.

SoCal markets belong to Alcatel-Lucent.

Alcatel-Lucent modus operandi is get 3g up and working first then 4g a little later. Approx. time frame from 3g upgrades completed to 4g is about 45-60 days. Samsung is a bit quicker and usually gets their 4g signal up in about 30-45 days after 3g upgrades are done.

@ Kevin_STLTechTalk
Peak performance is what you should be looking at.
Our Sprint network isn't as saturated as say, AT&T or Verizon.

Sprint needs to get good 3g coverage across its markets and stop announcing this horrible sparse lte rollout.

I've never received the benefits of unlimited data so Verizon is looking better and better. EVO LTE is an awesome phone thats crippled on sprints network. becomes basicly useless outside of a good wifi connection.

Couldn't agree more. I work in Portland, Oregon. Sitting at my desk in a completely open area on a floor surrounded by windows, I get 46kbps download on my Galaxy Note 2's 3G. Sitting in my living room in the burbs, I average about 600kbps. So when I could actually use decent 3g the most, I can't get it. This serves to cripple my top of the line device. At this point Portland is not even on the LTE rollout radar. Early rumors were end of 2012, now I'm hearing end of 2013, which probably translates to mid to late 2014. If it weren't for my 22% employee discount I would really consider jumping to another carrier.

For whatever reason Sprint seems to think that podunk USA is a better area to rollout LTE in first. I don't get it.

Agreed, Unless I am on WIFI the phone is only good for propping up a wobbly table. We need reliable speed on 3G too...

It's probably faster than my AT&T LTE download speed. With one exception of 21.47 Mbps down I am averaging about 1.5 Mbps down. Now my upload speeds are amazing but that does not mean as much.

What you're experiencing is a combination of things.
1. How close are you to your nearest tower.
2. How many people are using that tower.

If you have to be on the same network as everyone else, you have to suffer with everyone else.
I have experienced this when LTE for Sprint first came to Houston.

Well...being in direct line of site from a tower (no less than 4 tenths of a mile) at 10:00 in the evening in a suburban area which does not have any major shopping areas, etc should not yield a download speed of barely over 1 Mbps on LTE. I previously got better speeds but lately they have degraded A LOT.

According to S4GRU, Cleveland (the first, and only OH city I could find) isn't scheduled to even begin getting LTE for a few more months... :(

Western Puerto Rico? Might as well focus on getting it in Guinea. "Sorry Folks in California, but we had to focus on getting our LTE to the beaches of Aruba!"

Puerto Rico is about the size of Delaware so its fairly easy to deploy. So basicly its progress would be on par with any of the current markets Sprint has tried to deploy.

Sprint hates Delaware??? Dont know Sprints logic for rollouts but apparently theres alot of hard working Puertoricans since they always make the update list.

Getting 15m down and 7m up in Worcester, MA.

The amounts of constant b1tch1ng is getting old. If Sprint is so unacceptable, change carriers, or STFU.

...says the guy who has LTE and therefore has nothing to b1tch about.

The $132/month I pay to Sprint for two lines reserves for me the right to b1tch whenever I feel like I am not getting what I am paying for. And I'm in DC, a market that will definitely get LTE (and should have already).

Oh, and my 3G speeds in DC are currently running about 50kbps down and 100kbps up, so yeah, I'm gonna continue b1tching.

What the hell else do you expect them to do? They are literally upgrading almost every single one of their towers nationwide. Do you expect them to get it all done over the weekend? Ok so you feel you aren't getting your moneys worth, that's all fine and dandy, simply switch carriers. All the bitching whining and complaining in the world isn't going to help you get lte any faster now would it?

Nobody thinks it will get them LTE faster. They just want to vent so they feel better. I am quite certain there's things in this world that you complain about. Not because you anticipate change, but because you're simply frustrated. Move on if you disagree. Good for you.

This is now now now generation. To hell with patience. I guess some people think 38,000 towers will be converted over night.

Actually I dont have LTE, I drove to the next City and noticed LTE was lit up. bla bla...

If you are paying for something and dont get it, b1tch and leave. It's still a free country with a few carriers to hop on to.

Where in Worcester are you getting speeds of 15Mbps/7Mbps? I was one of the first to discover the LTE tower upgrade in Worcester a few months ago (I'm pretty sure it's the one behind Stop & Stop). My initial speed test peaked at 25Mbps but nowadays, I'm lucky to get 10Mbps.

All of the Sensorly data for the Worcester/Shrewsbury area are based on my trips (and probably most of the Mass Pike trips into Boston). I'm not complaining about the LTE speeds because Sprint's 3G is so bad. But it does pale in compared to other people I know who have VZ and AT&T LTE. As a comparison, a friend and I did some speedtest at the same location in front of the S&S. He had AT&T with 4 bars. I had 5 bars. My speed: 9Mbps/6Mbps. His speed: 52Mbps/18Mbps.

I've also done speedtests in the Framingham area as shown in the Sensorly map. They fluctuate quite a bit but I have never exceeded 20Mbps.

Are you running Sensory? If not, I'd love to have someone else run Sensorly to map out Worcester. I haven't picked up any new tower yet but I'm hoping more will show up soon!

I am Shrewsbury and I RARELY pick up a 4G signal. I have to be on RT 9 or the Mass Pike. It is getting frustrating to know it is all around, but never anyplace I am. I even have a tower right behind my office a few towns over, but that isn't giving off 4G right now.

I know what you mean. And the worse part is that it seems Sprint's LTE has horrendous penetration. I can get LTE in my backyard but the moment I step into my house, I lose the signal.

From the Sensorly data I mapped, I think there's only one LTE tower in the Worcester area (behind Stop & Stop on Grafton St). The open waters of Lake Quinsig is probably what's helping the signal get to South Quinsig and Rte. 9.

Sprints LTE does not have horrendous penetration. Big difference is that Sprint is using PCS 1900 for LTE while ATT and VZ uses 700mhz to blanket. LTE is a very fragile and is highly dependent on signal. Sprint network vision cell sites are currently configured for maximum coverage and the downtilt will be adjusted as more sites come online. Not to mention, no carrier can guarantee service inside buildings thanks to the immense amount of different building materials and techniques out there.

Down Rt 20 toward the Millbury Mass Pike exit... those towers at the top of the hill hold WiMAX and LTE. I get full bars, but I did expect somewhat better speeds than I got.

Aaaahh not again. Didn't they announce Gettysburg, PA a few weeks ago.
Here's the reality, sprint messed up big time with their 4g roll out. And now after iphone on sprint's network, everything went back to stone age. their 3g is a joke. Their Wimax was even a bigger joke, and now the LTE is the biggest joke yet.

What they should have done is "IGNORE" Small towns and cover major cities first. Cover areas where millions of people live, not small towns where cows are going to appreciate sprint's LTE signal. Thats exactly what the competition did, and now every major network other than sprint is better than sprint.

Sprint went from the top to the bottom in just a couple of years. Thats not easy to do !! lol

The problem is you large towns require jumping through hoops to get the permits and to get backhaul to all the sites. Sprint is updating only when backhaul is upgraded to the sites. So bitch about Sprint all you want. Better yet bitch to your local authorities that take forever to sign off on the damn permits.

No one has time to do that. Are you saying that rest of the 3 carrier are more friendly with the govt when it comes to getting permits ? Yes I'd bitch about sprint because i'm paying them money and i'm not getting what people in rest of the 3 carriers are getting.

So if VZW, ATT and TMO can get permits and upgrade their networks all over.. then sprint has to step up their game to retain their customers.

My advice to ask Sprint customers that aren't happy with their service, jump ship to another Carrier.
The smaller our user base the faster my LTE speeds will be.

(Sarcasm people)

Stick around. It gets better.

Have been sticking around for past 11 years. Yes I have been with sprint for past 11 years and I don't remember complaining until recently when I found out that every other major carrier is faster .. Youtube is a dream come true on 3g. It keeps buffering. Going from Evo 4g Wimax to an S3 was actually a downgrade because I used to get crappy wimax here and there once in a while, now I don't even get that. So no lte on lte phone means I downgraded from wimax (which was a joke) back to 3g which is a bigger joke now.

Don't worry give yourself another year and Sprint's network will be awesome .. because no one would use it.. and then the company will declare bankruptcy because no one would use their service.

Ya bankruptcy. Says the person who apparently didn't read the memo on how Softbank is investing $20 billion into sprint.

Sprints NV upgrades have reached approx ~6000 towers out of 38500ish. They're currently completing upgrades at the 600-800 range per week across all markets. These are complete rebuilds of cell sites and not adding a cabinent and antennas like ATT and VZ.

If you are satisfied with the service then leave for the "faster carriers" who's going to rape you for the data costs.

I live near Minneapolis and they started rolling it out here a few months ago but it seems to have stalled after the initial batch of towers. Hopefully they start back up soon and get some more towers lit up because these 3G speeds are terrible in the city.

The way they are doing the roll out seems to be how many markets can we cover most cost effectively. Doing small to mid size cities does that. To get LA up would require huge amount of investment in equipment and manpower. For that same amount they can probably do several of these smaller markets.

I had LTE in Anoka, MN of all places this weekend for about an hour! It was lightning! I was uploading a picture to facebook and checked on its progress in the pull down menu, but it had finished uploading before I got a chance to pull the drawer down. I can't wait until I can use it on the daily!

I was getting it in a few spots in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, VA last week. Sadly, it seems to have gone away. Hopefully that means they were testing it and it will soon be on for good.

I'm in Norfolk and I'm pulling 4G speeds as I type. Can't wait until the whole area is lit up, but lte at work ain't bad...

Lol are you talking about the spotty LTE in queens which works on one block but then you go a block further and you're back on 3g ??

I can pick up LTE in the Bronx on the 4 Train between 161st & Yankee Stadium til Kingsbridge Rd... Why do Sprint keep hitting up the small markets instead of the major cities?

I both wish they had LTE where I live and that we don't get it. I have the GSIII and it has no way to turn LTE off which is annoying. I was driving through Minneapolis (or wherever the LTE is up there) and my charge just plummeted while in the area.

It's pretty easy to turn off LTE, I can't remember exactly how on a stock GS3 but under mobile networks there should be an option for CDMA/Evdo or LTE/CDMA/Evdo mode, selecting the former will disable LTE.

Haha. I love listening to everyone complaining about how they didn't get their 4g yet. I'm just north of Scranton, PA, and am still waiting for 3g. Yes THREE G. My friend has Verizon, and their 3g service is solid and relativity fast (3-5) where my 2g (1xRtt) gets me about 50kbps tops. I would be happy with a solid 3g, over a shorter range, battery eating 4g service.

How about instead if announcing new Lte markets, we actually flip the damned lights on for the already announced ones that are still yet to see service. If metro LA doesn't have lte by June I'm finding a way out if my contract

Find a way to force roaming only(requires root)and you will be out of your contract pretty quickly.

Sprint, rapidly moving down the ladder to 4th place. Seriously, they think we believe that Emporia, Kansas deployment counts the same as almost any city in southern California. But they got the Kansas City area blanketed. Maybe the are going to reinvent themselves as a regional carrier.

Phil.... I bet you write these Sprint LTE stories just to get all the sprint customers riled up in the comments dont ya? :D

As I'm sitting in my living room, speed test app shows DL of 80Kbps and upload of 276 Kbps (no, those are not typos). LTE can't get here fast enough.

Unbelievable that Sprint still can't get LTE up and running in all boroughs of NYC, but they can get Boston online with LTE. Sprint can't even provide reliable 3G data. I have to pay a premium data fee each month for data speeds that are around dial-up speed.

Still waiting in Cincinnati. I lost my evo 3d in NewYork back in June. Replaced it with Evo 4g LTE. so now in cincinnati I went from decent 4g wimax, to truly terrible 3g. 3g at my house used to be decent, now it takes a good 30 seconds for a google search to come up. Come on Sprint, give Cincinnati some 4g lovin'.

I've been waiting for Sprint to improve its weak ass network in Albuquerque since
I first got a 4g phone, I have been a loyal Sprint lackey and what do I get in return.....bullshit!
What m good its unlimited data on a sub standard network. My contract ends soon....Verizon here I come.