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I've always got my eyes peeled for the next great Twitter client on Android. Ever since I discovered Plume, I was hooked, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to the next best thing. Carbon looks like it'll give everyone a run for their money, but in the meantime, folks running Ice Cream Sandwich on their phones might want to direct their attention to Boid for Android, a Holo-themed, Android 4.0 exclusive that looks to tear you from the clutches of your favorite client and bring you to the Boid Side.

From the moment you open Boid for Android, the Holo look is immediately evident. Unfortunately, there's nothing to guide you through setup, either. After staring blankly at the screen for a few seconds, I realized the icon of a person next to a plus sign was my ticket in.

Adding an account is the same as with any other Twitter client (login via your browser into the Twitter website, grant access to the app), and from there, all the accounts you've added will show up on the screen. When you want to access a particular feed, you just tap that account. From there, the fun really begins.

You've got the requisite Timeline, Mentions, and Messages, but there's also a Trends feed on the far right. You move from column-to-column by swiping left and right. It's all very intuitive, looks absolutely great with the Holo theme, and for an alpha, is pretty darn stable, to boot. Refreshing is done via the "Pull to Refresh" mechanic made popular by other apps, and as far as I can tell, that's the only way.

At the bottom of the screen are your main Twitter commands: New Tweet, Search, and Profile. Each one of them acts just as you'd assume, and the New Tweet menu not only lets you write, but also lets you attach a picture, take a picture, and tag your geolocation. Sure, these are all standard Twitter functions, but to see it all in such an early alpha is excellent.

Tapping on someone else's Tweet pulls up a different contextual menu. From there you can reply, re-Tweet, check out their profile, or star the Tweet. When you're on someone else's profile you can also mention them, direct message them, or block them. I don't think Team Boid has yet implemented marking something/someone as spam.

Overall, I'm very, very pleased with where Boid for Android is at. For a free app, it's polished, relatively stable, and has plenty of reasons to become your next Twitter app. The developers have big plans for the future, too. Says Team Boid:

Features coming soon: save position in lists, finished tweetcomposer (media and location attachment), font size customization, background notifications for mentions and direct messages.

And later: a paid version (donation version), home screen widget (in the paid version), Twitlonger API (for posting tweets that are over 140 characters).

Not bad, right? Boid for Android is free in the Google Play Store. We've got download links after the break.


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Review: Boid Twitter client for Android


why does every story have a gnexus in the photo or video? i didn't know android central was soo pro anything nexus.

Maybe because the writers are tech savvy people that A) can afford to purchase G-Nexus' or B) are given G-Nexus' because of their role as an AC writer?

After-all, if they did the review on a third party ICS ROM and you did the same on your third party ROM with ill effects who are you you going to blame? The ROM or writer for not stating it's incompatibility for your OS? Best to do a public review of an app designed for ICS with a device made to run ICS.

This comment is in reply to the OP, I agree with you above :)

This app is Android 4.0 only, if you bothered to read. What other phone should they have used that has ICS?

Maybe because they do these reviews on their personal devices? im pretty sure almost everyone who works for AC has a Galaxy Nexus or have a custom rom on it

Does it have picture previews like Plume?

Edit: Nope, no pictures. I'm surprised it doesn't start out on the "Dark" theme like all the pictures in Google Play show. Looks smooth though and I'll use it for a while and see if I can find any bugs.

The previous version did, just tweet @boidapp and they'll fix it asap. They've been responding to feature requests extremely quickly.

You know I'm getting sick of these ICS only apps. I really want to get out of my Sprint contract and don't want to get another phone.

Depending on the phone it's as easy as rooting what you have and getting an ICS based ROM. Why wait for the carriers or manufacturers to be kind enough to upgrade you?

No, not 3rd-party Twitter app has push notifications because twitter does not publicize an API for it. Not yet, at least. This has been a major factor in me searching for the next best client, but I'm settled on twicca for now.

I've been following these Boid update for a week, but have since fell in love with twicca. Powerful Twitter app. And I love that I can customize the notification LED for my Galaxy Nexus. It's the small things that matter the most. :)

*sigh* i'm starting to notice a pattern...and it basically means i need to not pay attention to AC for about a year until i can upgrade because lately all the stories are about the OS less than 2 percent of us are using.

Have you ever thought about trading your phone in at best buy or selling it on ebay or craigslist to get a GNex? I bought a transformer prime, and may sell it for 100 to 200 less than I bought it to pick up 2 of their 250 dollar Tegra 3 tablets when they come out, or just the 1080p prime.

A lot of people dont realize that the 200 dollar phone they bought is worth over 400 on the open market. Especially if you have cases, docks, and chargers galore for it.

Giving this a run on my Epic 4G, so far it runs great. The Dark theme is the one with the ICS look. There's still some missing features but a as said this is an early build. The refresh is real fast and it looks great with ICS.

Lately I've been using TweakDeck, my favorite is TweetCaster Pro but I uninstalled the Amazon AppStore from my phone (trying to see if it really drains the battery as much as people say) and I have not purchased the pro version from Google, so I've been playing with all the different Twitter clients. Also giving SocialScope a shot right now too.

Installed Boid on my HTC Vivid which has been upgraded to ICS. Boid installs but does not work. When I click the person in the top right corner, it gets stuck on being authorized by Twitter. Then if I try to back out, the app does not exit. I have to press the home button and go to settings, apps and stop the app. Not sure where the problem is and I know this is a alpha version. I hope the beta works a bit better.