Blue HTC One

Big-box retailer says AT&T to join Sprint and Verizon with the new color starting Sept. 15

Best Buy today announced that it'll carry the new blue HTC One — check out our hands-on with it — starting Sept. 15. Best Buy also lends the first semi-official confirmation that we'll see the blue HTC One on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. None of the carriers has confirmed this yet, but we've seen Verizon's in the wild, so there's that.

Writes Best Buy in an e-mailed release:

The award-winning HTC One will be available in a stunning new Metallic Blue exclusively through Best Buy in the United States with the option of 4G LTE service from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon at the more than 1,400 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores as well as on on Sunday, Sept. 15.

Update: HTC's Jeff Gordon on Twitter says that the metallic blue HTC One at Best Buy is a bit darker than the blue one headed to Europe, which we've seen.

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Shawheim says:

I saw it in Best Buy on Saturday. It's a nice color.

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HalizDad says:

Why does Best Buy say it's "exclusive" if others are selling it, too? Better yet, how CAN they say it from a legal aspect? Or is this a different blue?

Who are the "Others" in the US that will be selling? . . . You won't even find these in carrier stores.

HalizDad says:

My Sprint store has 3 of them, according to the minimum wage+ commission worker there and starts selling them tomorrow...Last I looked 10 comes before 15...I think the Best Buy exclusivity comes from them being "unlocked". It really doesn't matter as 99% of people put a frickin case on them anyhow. I have a black One...with a black case.

marzball says:

just wonder is that their job description? Mininum commission worker..

HTC One <3

newboyx says:

We have had it at my Best Buy for several days now (the VZW version).

richardodn says:

Sounds like Best Buy will be the only one selling the blue version. However they'll have it for all those carriers.

blazer236ix says:

Damn T-Mobile still has only one color

daniel2744 says:

I know. What gives? I already have an HTC one but I would like other colors to be available.

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jonathan3579 says:

I'm starting to view T-Mobile in another light...again. (It's dimly lit.)

NoNexus says:

You get what you pay for

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jlczl says:

Will the at&t version work on TMo?

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Jacques says:

If I don't get the Nexus 5, the blue One could very well be my next at Best Buy. Incidentally, if any of you decide to shop for the phone (or any phone) at a Best Buy, I'd recommend the Best Buy Mobile locations. I've had great service from them when I got my last phone and recently with my wife's phone. Plus, they do trade ins, if you're not too attached to your current phone.

HalizDad says:

I have a One...It's a nice phone...If I was where I could upgrade right now, I'd grab a Nexus.

BB_Bmore says:

Smurfs and crips rejoice!

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jackwagon06 says:

Yup....Best Buy in CT, held it in my hand. The clerk didnt even know they had them locked in the cabinets. He was stoked when he saw them. Not in their system but they can sell them he said. The blue looks great. Like old BMX rims from the 70's and 80's. HTC-Huge Telephone color. From my note2.....

droid5 says:

Same thing happened to me Sunday at Best Buy. They said $199 for the price vs $99 for the silver verizon version. I would have bought it for $99. Guess I'll wait until Thursday to check out the G2

muddy13 says:

How long until they drop the price of the One to $150 or less? With Verizon Wireless releasing 7 phones in the span of a month and a half, there should be a fire sale at some point in the next month.

jackwagon06 says:

I like your thinking!

HalizDad says:

If you're into specs, the One is still a top of the line I doubt there will be a huge fire sale on it

droid5 says:

Viva Movil has the silver Verizon one for $99

vfp5 says:

Picked up my blue ONE for Verizon Saturday.....thing is sweet!

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Yacer Mirza says:

About time!!!

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ScottJ says: I bought a One on Saturday from T-Mobile on payments but not for me. It was my son's advance birthday present. He turns 17 next month and it was time to retire his 3-year old iPhone 3G.

Damn is that phone nice. It's only out of love for the simplicity and efficiency of my Nexus 4 that I didn't snatch it from him. Now I know what all the HTC fanboys have been crowing about. This new Sense is very un-Sense like. Silky smooth, minimalist with great restraint. I even like the dreaded Blink Feed. Had they had it in blue we would have opted for that color but alas the brushed silver was our only option. I did make him put a half hard-shell case on it, coincidentally blue, even as he begged me to let him use it naked. This is the kid that went swimming with a new iPod Touch in his pocket several years back for reference.

extremenet says:

Metallic Blue versus Vivid Blue...

jmacwan1 says:

I want it now. It will go nice with my silver developer edition.

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cctpitts01 says:

This EXCLUSIVE! crap is pissing me off and i dont know why T-Mobile seems to be the only carrier limited to just the Silver color *SMH* this is making me seriously rethink transferring to T-Mobile from Sprint.

giper54 says:

Do you know if the blue Best Buy HTC One for Verizon works on AT&T LTE? I believe I read that but can’t confirm.

Supa_Fly1 says:

Any chance those of us in Canada will see this?

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Minesh Rai says:

The phone is out for sale on Best Buy. Here is the news