Pen will be sold separately, for $79.99

Best Buy Flyer stylus

It's confirmed, folks. The Wifi-only version of the HTC Flyer, which goes on sale May 22 exclusively at Best Buy for $499, will not come equipped with the stylus that enables some of the more unique features on the 7-inch Froyo tablet. Instead, you'll have to buy it separately, for $79.99 (which confirms our previous story).

Yeah, doesn't make a lot of Sense to us, either. But the good news is it's not integral to the Flyer being a functional tablet -- but it sure does make it cooler.


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Best Buy confirms the Wifi-only HTC Flyer doesn't come with stylus


Its Gingerbread not froyo and what a shame. The one thing that sets it apart from all the other Android tablets doesnt come with it and it starts at 499. Wow HTC.

Well, isn't that a b@tch! I guess it was a bold assumption for a tablet advertised as having note taking abilities to come with the required pen!...*sigh* Greed

I generally prefer not to whine, but damn... I was gonna get one but this just leaves me scratching my head. Guess I'm gonna have to take a pass.

I love my HTC phones (Inspire and Aria) thus far and think they've got some nice build quality, however $500 for a tablet with those specs is seeming a bit steep to me. If that stylus was included, maybe I'd feel differently, but it seems to me that you can get a very similar tablet for less. Granted, the Flyer has a 1.5 GHz proc, but the Acer Iconia is a 10" tablet with a dual-core Tegra (1.0 GHz each core) with Honeycomb. And it's $50 LESS at Best Buy.

Or am I wrong on this? Why would I get a 7" tablet for $50 MORE than a dual-core 10" tablet running Honeycomb?

This is best buy. Home of high speed digital hdmi cables that cost $100 and extended warranty scams.

So $80? I'm shocked it wasn't a cool even $100.

I give it 2 months before it has honeycomb and the pen included becuase they haven't sold any and need to get it moving.

I don't know... these guys are pretty stubborn.

They would rather sit on thousands of these than let you have it for a penny less!

Let's see $578 for 7" froyo tablet and pen that may be gimmicky, or get the Xoom for $21 more and enjoy 10.1 " of Honeycomb (but no SD).

The Xoom is meh too...

Get the Asus Transformer ($399) or the Acer Iconia ($449) -- all Honeycomb.

Or at least wait a bit for the Samsung 10.1. Pretty good reviews on the I/O version.

Ha! I wasn't going to get one anyway, but that an utter #fail. It's biggest differentiator is sold separately.

I'm actually kind of excited to go to work tomorrow so I can finally get some hands on with this badboy

Well, they sell it in a bundle elsewhere. I believe Best Buy is the only retailer not willing to combine them.

Besides, it's more disgust than surprise.

Time and time again these Android devices has to F*ck it up at the end of the day. Either intentionally or unintentionally. No wonder they're just NUMBER 2.

Don't get me wrong, I have zero apple product and I'm rocking a HTC Nexus One. It's just that these manufacturers and retailers are just shouting at us, saying "DON'T BUY OUR PRODUCTS!!!!"

You'd have to be a retard to buy this... For this to sell it needs to be $399 with the pen. Transformer is the best buy right now, I'll be getting a Tab 10.1 though since I'm partial to Samsung and I haven't seen anything I don't like about the 10.1...

Are you kidding me? The Tab 10.1 doesn't eve come with USB, HDMI or SD card slot! It totally sucks, for that money, for that size I'd expect alot more from a Tablet...actually I expect all those things from a tablet nowadays. When you look at the trends and the market, that's the future. For that- might as well get the Xoom.

OK can anyone confirm if the pen comes with the Flyer in UK or Europe?
If so this will tick me off as an American...

I have a sneaky suspicion that this pen debacle is not totally the fault of Best Buy. We have seen similar marketing ploys from other manufacturers also (ahem Samsung and Bluetooth keyboards....)

So far I've seen hands-on videos of Flyers from Germany and the Netherlands that came with the pen. And HTC has supposedly told Engadget, directly, that the pen comes in the box everywhere but Best Buy.

HTC I love your products and I will be getting the Evo 3D and i'm pretty sure someone will buy your tablet but it won't be me. The G-tab 8.9 is my tablet of choice.

So it costs as much as the 10in 32gb Transformer. or get the 16gb version with the keyboard dock for only $50 more than the Flyer.

Was in BB last night before movie, and Flyer had just gone on sale. I had pre-ordered, but call had not been made yet.
I am disappointed that the pen is an extra cost, but still purchased tablet, and the pen. Have not used pen yet, but am very impressed with the Flyer. Screen is fantastic, build quality top notch, and performance is very fast. Setup, like all 2.3 and above Android devices, was very easy, and the way all tablets should be. Enter you Google account info, and all the contacts, calendar, and Market apps are installed automatically. The Sense additions are indeed enhancements, and not distractions like some UI skins.

Many previous posters have commented on the 7" screen being too small vs. the 10". I am a gadget fan, and have the Transformer, Xoom, several Windows tablets, and the way too restricted iPad / 2. The larger tablets are fine for around the house, but the 7" form factor is great for mobile use, much easier, and less bulky to carry around all day than the big brothers. Although summer is approaching, the 7" form factor fits in my winter jacket pocket. Currently, the Verizon Tab goes with me every day, and has since I purchased it in November. The Tab is an excellent device overall.

For those who wonder why use a 7 inch form tablet when you have a 4" or so smartphone, there is a world of difference. After watching videos, and viewing webpages on my Tab, and other 7" devices, the 4 / 4.3" smartphone screens seem small, and the < 4" devices puny. Don't want to watch videos, or view the web on the smaller devices anymore. From web viewing / video watching / bulk / weight / and ease of carry around perspectives, the 7" form factor is the ideal mobile combination. The extra screen real estate on the 10" devices is not worth carrying around the extra bulk all day; however, the 7" tablet is worth carrying around all day for the extra viewing pleasure over the smartphone size screens.

The Flyer has a nice enhancement to the Gallery which found my NAS drives, and effortlessly streamed videos. Prior devices could play the videos once downloaded, but had trouble streaming. Using the Gallery enhancement, and my favorite 3rd party SMB client, I can do both effortlessly with the Flyer. The Transformer also has a nice addition for streaming videos.

There ya go - making the decision to sell pen separately in America as good marketing idea.

I like HTC products - but will not personally endorse this pilfering of the American consumer...