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Alright basketball fans, it's time to crack open Google Play

Basketball season is starting off today, and fans will want to stay up-to-date with the latest scores and otherwise get into the spirit of things. We've dug through Google Play to see what's big, and though hardcore fans may already be familiar with what's available, there may be a few hidden gems here.

We go through the standard apps that help you keep tabs on scores and news, but there are a few games and social tie-ins that really complete the experience of basketball season. Let's take a look, and don't be shy about letting us know which apps you use regularly for this kind of stuff.

NBA Game Time 

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NBA Game Time is the official NBA app with all of the important information at your fingertips: latest scores, team stats, play-by-play info, and with a League Pass, you can watch games live or on-demand. Sprint also has their own app with a handful of exclusive features. Either way, this is where you’ll want to go if you want to catch videos of the game. Just keep in mind before getting that league pass that around playoffs, there’s likely to be blackouts in the app’s video stream.

Download: NBA Game Time (Free, some subscription content)


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If you’re looking to catch up on news after the game, The Score is widely regarded as the best app out there. You can follow specific teams, get home screen widgets for the latest information at a glance, and notifications when things get crazy. The best part is, you can keep tabs on any other sports you might happen to be into.

Download: theScore (Free)


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If you just can’t get enough basketball when there isn’t a game on, you can enjoy the classic arcade game, NBA Jam. It’s goofy, irreverent, and tons of fun. It’s two-on-two, with a career mode and local multiplayer over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth if you’ve got some time to kill with buddies before the real game starts.

Download: NBA Jam ($4.99)

Yahoo Fantasy Basketball

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Hardcore fans will probably already be well-entrenched with the Yahoo Fantasy Basketball league. With the Android app, you can manage your roster, keep an eye on live stat updates, talk with other managers through message boards, and figure out who you’re going to play next.

Download: Yahoo Fantasy Basketball (Free)

NBA 3D Live Wallpaper

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Even when you’re just idly messing around with your phone, you can enjoy some ball from your home screen. The NBA 3D Live Wallpaper gives you a net, court, and basketball to take some shots at. Branding can be tweaked to show off the colors of your favorite team, though you'll have to pay $3.49 for each team you want.

Download: NBA 3D Live Wallpaper (Free with IAPs)


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If you care to get social about your game, GetGlue has full support for sports check-ins, including a liking system for individual teams. Folks on GetGlue are eager to talk about the game as it happens. Around the playoffs, GetGlue usually offers exclusive collectible stickers, too. Under the Guide section, you'll get a full listing of upcoming games and the comments folks are leaving about them. You can also use GetGlue to check into and share whatever TV shows and movies you're watching, too.

Download: GetGlue (Free)

How many of you guys keep an eye on basketball? What are your go-to apps? Are there any team-specific apps that you use a lot?


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The best basketball apps for Android


I haven't paid attention to the app, but I think the writers on that site are fairly clueless so I keep my distance from that site.

I love theScore, it's even better than the ESPN app. I haven't checked out NBA Gametime yet though. Go Heat! Threepeat!!

I use Yahoo Sportacular too, like it enough not to shop around. The name has not changed to Yahoo! sports for me, is that an update?

+1 for theScore (for all sports). I'm really not sure what ESPN's deal is, pretty much all of their apps are awful, don't even get me started on their fantasy football app.

Great post! Just got Game Time for my Note 3 last week! Great App!

Excited for the season!

Go Clippers Go!

Posted via Android Central App

Google Now is good enough for casual fans. It reminds you about games and gives you a link to watch highlights when the game is done.

For those who gave the NBA Gametime app a try last season, they've finally addressed the awful navigation. Now you can watch highlights without being redirected to the NBA League Pass signup--AND YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT PAY FOR NBA LEAGUE PASS! It is the worst deal ever, IMHO. Every local and televised game is blacked out, and the ones that are not, buffer constantly or stream in super-low quality or fail to stream at all. Find a free questionably-legal flash stream instead. I use to have an app for that, but lost it a couple years ago. Anyone know of a good app or mobile friendly website to find live NBA games?

THUUZ is another impressive option. I like how it ties in to your fantasy teams and provides specific scoring alerts.