Although many folks were not pleased to find out that AT&T had disabled HSUPA uploads on their freshly purchased Motorola Atrix it now appears as though Bell is deserving of some backlash as well. Having launched their version of the Motorola Atrix just yesterday, many Bell users have been putting the device to the test and drawing the conclusion that it too, has HSUPA disabled in the software. No word from Bell yet regarding the situation but it's certainly one I'll be following along with in hopes they come to their senses and enable it later on as AT&T plans to. [XDA via Engadget]

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BrianTufo says:

This is getting crazy. Motorola, AT&T and now Bell need to work this out NOW! It is unacceptable and should be grounds for false advertising/contract cancellations.

evaradar says:

I agree with the above. This doesn't surprise me at all. I think its a part on Motorola's end. They should have at least tested it out before they started to sell it and especially at a higher price.

groan says:

I got mine yesterday and max upload is 420, though i did reach a few slightly above.

Downloads range from 5000-9000kbps

wiredpirate says: