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The Beautiful Widgets team continues to push out updates, and the latest version of the popular app adds a substantial amount of new stuff. Among the additions in the latest Beautiful Widgets 5.1 are new widgets (natch) -- there's a "barebones" widget designed for tablets, available in 6x1 or 6x2 grid sizes. There's also the option to switch weather providers -- Weather Underground support is offered alongside AccuWeather.

The forecast screen has been updated with "lifestyles" information when using AccuWeather, showing how well-suited the current conditions are to certain activities like golf, lawn mowing and hiking (as well as certain dangers like the flu risk.)

And finally, there's a new optional beta channel that gives widget enthusiasts the chance to test out early features before they're fully stable.

Check the source link for a full list of changes and fixes in the new Beautiful Widgets 5.1, or hit the Google Play link above to jump straight to the download.

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Beautiful Widgets hits version 5.1 with new widgets and beta channel option


Beautiful Widgets is a nice app and I used for quite a long time. I have moved on to HD Widgets as i just find it better looking, especially on my Nexus 10.

+1 - BW was nice when it first came out but I feel like I am taking a step backwards each time I install it after an update and compare it to HD Widgets. Glad to see that BW is still in the game though.

Beautiful Widgets had to do something to catch up to HD Widgets... I own both and had switched exclusively to HD Widgets because I can set it up to do more than simply mimic HTC Sense. HD Widgets also allows me to choose which apps to associate with certain portions of their widgets; like Gentle Alarm when I touch the clock, Calendar when I touch the date, and Accuweather (app) when I touch the three day forecast.

Now maybe I'll give BW another go.

I'm a huge fan of Fancy Widgets as well - particularly the many refresh settings that are available. So for example you can set a relatively long refresh time (maybe an hour) but yet have it do an auto location/weather refresh when you unlock the screen but only do so if X amount of time has passed since the last one. Also, since I often leave my data/wifi off when not in use you can set a delay of X seconds after the screen comes on before the refresh happens.