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Audio quality is always something that will be subjective. Opinions on what good sounds like will always differ from person to person. This definitely applies to Beats Audio, and the inclusion of Beats on new HTC devices. HTC have just opened up the API to the Beats software for third-party apps to take advantage, but XDA member RockoDev has gone further than that. He has managed to port the Beats software for use on non-HTC devices into a flashable zip file.

Beats is essentially a branded equalizer. The files have been pulled for flashing to other devices. Expectations shouldn't be set too high though, as again everyone has different tastes in sound quality. Flashed to my LG Optimus 2X, I actually do feel there was a general improvement. 

When comparing it's important not to fall into any placebo effect. Just because it's there doesn't make it better. The test setup was a song that I know very well, and a pair of good quality Bang and Olufsen earphones. In listening to the same song a few times before and after flashing Beats, there was a noticable change. Nothing groundbreaking, but the bass was improved and the overall sound did feel better.

You'll find more at the source links below if you fancy trying it out for yourselves. We know a lot of you don't like Beats, but there's a lot of people that do. Shout out in the comments with your thoughts if you do decide to try it. 

Source: XDA Developers


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Beats Audio software ported to non-HTC devices


I wonder if Beats is generic, or custom built for each device.

If its just an equalizer, you would think it could be custom configured for each device to render the best sound given the speakers available.

You can even buy Beats in production model cars these days. Seems to me one size wouldn't fit all.

I wonder if putting it in a different phone, one for which it was not custom tuned, might not defeat the purpose of it.

dsp will always be better because it's can be customized.... . but If you look inside the beats sound configuration files, you'll notice its very dynamic. It tries to constantly change equalizer settings depending on what type of music is being played to create the best sound. The "best sound" is subjective so to some it sounds great, others not so much

IMO, I'm able to achieve better sound using DSP Manager than I am with Beats. But, to each his own. EVO3D, Eternity ROM

This was brought up just the other day on good and evo website. Official download is available and is derived from the custom kernel and software. I have evo4g and use Poweramp.. Seems to help and I definitely notice a difference in stock music app.
Evo4g, cm7.1

Over on XDA they have done several tests with digital output and there is zero measurable difference in the sound levels between Beats and non-Beats. If you are hearing a difference it is probably because you want to.

Placebo effect! The same thing that has all the "cool" people with Beats headphones believe they have the best headphones!

I'll test this Beats software out non the less, see how it compares to a regular equalizer.

If there's any dev u should be listening to, its Supercurio, and he has said there's no change with this mod....its purely placebo effect!

Yeah so sounds great on the new htc phones because its designed to. Not really meant for old phones....its like the guys that used to put acura decals on their civics....sigh smh

The idea that you can just take some files from a HTC ROM with Beats and - with no hacking of the files - copy them into your /system directory and you'll magically get Beats is ridiculous.

You do realise that with these same files on a Beats-enabled device, you still don't have Beats enabled unless you are using the HTC music player and Beats headphones? Let alone all the files in the kernel that aren't included in this mod - beats.c, beatsaudio.c, beats_codec.c, etc.

Before you posted this article why didn't you run a cable from the headphone out of your phone into the soundcard on your computer, record the output before and after the mod, and compare?

The biggest joke is that people in the XDA thread were reporting significant improvements in sound even when the original CWM package was posted which didn't mount /system correctly or copy any files to their phone.

not knowing a lot about "Beats", forgive my ignorance. All I've heard is that it boosts the low end.

Is it a single-setting EQ (Mud on, Mud off)

Is it "clean" low end or does it increase the low mids (increasing "thump" but not "punch"?

Or does it have a few presets (like Winamp, iTunes, or the multiple of other media players out there for computers)?

Pointless for a Galaxy S2.

If you want an upgrade and you own a Galaxy check out Voodoo in the market. They recently got stuff working on the S2 and it's a charm. :) As usual, you'll need root though as it rewrites the entire audio driver. ;)

Is beats just software or is there any improved hardware? For instance on most phones if you turn the volume all the way up the output through the headphone jack starts distorting. Is this still the case with beats or do they use a better preamp? Is volume level improved?

I'm one of those people that truly thinks the beats audio on my Rezound is a massive improvement (also I've turned up my volume all the way and have never experienced any distortion).

With that being said I think the actual beats headphones are an essential part of the equation. I've plugged in my Wife's Atrix headphones and they did not sound as good to me. So I think it's a combo of both hardware and software...

I will also say that that before I even purchased my Rezound I bought a pair of beats solo HD's and IMHO they sounded much better than my Bose headphones.

But like Richard said in this article audio is always going to be one of those subjects that is subjective.

I tried flashing it to my Droid X & and am now stuck @ the Motorola bootup screen.

Time to restore a backup or SBF.

Too much of this^ happening to people in the thread for me to even risk it. Especially when there is no proof that it even does ANYTHING to change the sound or improve it. I think, like others have said, that there's a lot of placebo effect going on here.