Backed-up mobile shots can now be attached in Gmail

Gmail on the web has added a handy new feature which lets you quickly attach images that are already in Google+ through Android’s photo auto-backup feature. This is a really great addition, considering how easy it is to start writing an e-mail on your computer, find out you need a photo from your phone, and then have to crack open Google+ in a new tab to start rifling around to find the right shot.

Dropping backed-up pictures to your e-mails is easy: just click the Insert Photo button as usual, and the auto-backups will show up right away with the newest at the top. How often do you guys see yourselves using this feature? How do you typically share photos?

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Backed-up mobile shots can now be attached in Gmail


There can never be too much integration. The more the better things flow across the OS.

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I like it. I tend to do a lot of shooting, then share later. So this will come in handy.

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I like it but I'll continue to use dropbox until Google provides a way to share a picture or album via a link to people outside our google+. This is a really disappointing omission with Google photos!

you can share an album via link to people outside of google+ now. i guess i never realized you can't do it with individual pics. that makes no sense

What they need to add to Google Photos is the ability to grab HTML code to post photos in forums to eliminate the need to use services like Photobucket.

Both photo bucket and Flickr are not going anywhere. They are too well established players. No one is just gonna give them up simply because you can grab a html tag elsewhere.

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I've stopped using them even without the option to grab an html tag. I'm just saying it would be nice since it is a feature that I did like about photo bucket. Not saying it's for everyone but one less app or service for me to keep track of.

The critical feature missing is for Auto Backed up photos to appear in Google Drive! That way when I take photos with my Android phone or with my SLR they all end up both on my PC and Google Drive--and usable from Picasa on PC, web (gmail, g+, drive), and android (Photos or Drive app on phone, tablet, etc).

The problem there is: I chose to use the Google Drive windows app to sync my content so that my Photos AND Videos go up to Google Drive online, and therefore Google+. (even though that seems to limit how one manages the content from Google+)

I'm not aware of the Picasa windows app syncing videos--is that correct? So I did not use Picasa sync.

Where is Picasa do I choose the sync of online Auto Backup'd Google+ photos? videos still left out? (they are part of auto backup from android, right?) Thanks!

It's a step in the right direction.

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