AT&T today announced that its new shared data plans will be available starting Aug. 23. The new plans are not -- repeat, not -- mandatory. So if you have one of those grandfathered unlimited data plans now, you'll can still have it on Aug. 23. Here's the breakdown of what the plans will cost you:

Amount of data in plan Cost for data Cost for each device Base total
1GB $40 $45 $85
4GB $70 $40 $110
6GB $90 $35 $125
10GB $120 $30 $150
15GB $160 $30 $190
20GB $200 $30 $230

So, for example, if you had two smartphones on a 6-gigabyte plan, you'd pay $160 a month. Voice calls and text messaging -- as well as tethering -- are included.

AT&T's also rigged up a little tool that will help you figure out which of these shared data "buckets" would be right for you. (Hit the link below to check it out.)

Source: AT&T; Also: Shared data plan tool


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AT&T's shared data plans available Aug. 23, online tool helps choose the one for you


It's actually going to be cheaper for me. My girlfriend and I are on a shared plan and pay $200/month before 25% discount for 700 minutes, unlimited texts and 4gb each. With the shared 10gb, it drops to $180, and that might even be more than we need.

That's a bit better than I thought. The only pricing I have to go on though is my old unlimited data plan with Verizon. I haven't got a clue what my current employer pays for my current data package on AT&T. :)

(I am gracious enough to say thank you though!)

"unlimitted talk" is a "hey look, this is free". Most people don't use voice that much. For a while voice calls have diminished, they can throw a million minutes a month. Obviously, some people do use them, but the vast majority do not. Take a look at
You may save money on the plan, depends on your usage. Looks like the more lines you have, the better the better the odds that you can save money.

Would cost me more. 2 Unlimited data plans. A 2gb. A 250mb and a basic phone currently with my discount I pay $248 a month. The way they have it set up I would be paying $270 before tax and other charges. No Thanks. I will continue to use as much as I want, even when I'm throttled a 3GB I still like knowing I can still use as much as I want.

Yeah if you want crappy hardware. A 3 year old phone goes for $180 with Walmarts prepiad sevice. I paid $200 for my wifes Skyrocket. The Skyrocket even has factory ICS. That other phone just got Gingerbread. Nah, I'm good. Rumor mill says my Note will get Jellybean by the end of the year. Yeah I know, rumors. AS someone who used to sell cell phones at Radioshack, nah.

You can use an unlocked phone too. Straight talk uses AT&T's network, so even if you did pay $500+ for a GS3, you'd still be able to use it and save over what you pay for AT&T. ST doesn't have access to AT&T's LTE network (that I've read), but 3G/HSPA would still be fine.

Straight Talk also uses T-Mobile's network (which I use on my Nexus).

LTE is fine, but read some of my blog to see my speed reviews (roughly 7Mbps down and 2-3 up) in good coverage areas.

I forgot they also use T-Mo. The downside of ST is poor customer support. My gf was with them previously and it took hours to get the needed info to port her number over...your account number is nowhere to be found Also, I like to tether once in a while, which I have read ST does not tolerate much of.

Fair miller7796.

I know it isn't for everyone, but I have had pretty great success over the past month.

My port took about 3 hours to complete, but I had calls and texts within 5 minutes. mobile data took the rest of the time, but I was home on wifi the whole time.

Thankfully my old Verizon phone kept on working (data too) for the 3 hours that the prot was happening.

I have yet to call customer service, so I cannot judge that. Over all I am pretty confident that I will not need to call them (like I almost never called Verizon CS)


The price is too high, and I won't be switching from my two phone 2GB each for ~$99 after company discount, but one thing I hadn't heard before was that you could tether devices with this plan, at least that is one good thing as you could have multiple devices just tethered off of phone(s), still I won't be moving to this until I have to.

I never understood the appeal of sharing anything on a phone plan. Call me crazy, but I love knowing that I alone am responsible for monitoring my talk and texting...sprint gives unlimited data, so that's never a concern...but why on earth would you want to rely on someone else to be responsible for controlling how much you can use your own device?? This has got to be the stupidest idea carriers have ever had....and the idiot sheeples go along with it, and even beg for more!!! SMH

every time I read another news post about any carrier, regardless of the situation, I start dreaming of the day I have a phone without limits on anything, and no contract. It's like they all want to suck the most, and they don't care how many people they hurt to achieve their accepted level of long as they suck more than the competition, they are happy.


A data plan that is shared CAN help many people. The Sprint Family Every Data Plan is a great option for many. Even with the $10 Data upcharge, my coporate discount nets out to $190 a month for 3 smarthpones with unlimted text, data and some Sprint Tv. An added phone is (smart phone) is $30 (1500 shared minutes and unlimted any mobile.

My single VZW phone runs me $105 a month for 4GB of data and unlimted text and only 450 minutes.

If Sprint would get their network up to par, I will switch back and easily save $75 a month.

Right now I'm paying $35 a month for 6GB of data and I can tether with no restrictions, by looking at this chart they (AT&T) is charging $90! WOW! I'm on Rogers in Canada. I believe Bell and Telus have similar packages. Looking at these prices seem extremely high. The only thing we wish we had here was 2 year contracts instead of 3.

Surprisingly, it would actually save us almost $60-$70 per month. That's a significant difference. Two lines have 3GB of data each and we never come close to using that. We would save $60 keeping both phones at 6GB together. Plus we would be able to tether our tablets if we ever needed to. Very, very nice.

For me a well. My main line has the grandfathered "Unlimited" but we all know thats really just 3GB on LTE. I am using that phone more and more for streaming media and I would like to be able to use it as I will. We can get a good amount of data and save some money - I see us running to ATT and getting this done

It's actually If you have an LTE phone and then unlimited 3G. If you have a 3G phone it's 3gb and edge after that. I have an LTE phone and have used almost 20 GB this month.

I thank you - because of your post after mine I looked it up and found that LTE phones in fact get 5gb before they are throttled. That makes the decision far more difficult. I believe that 10GB would be ok for me and the 3 phones we have, and an LTE tablet. That would save 50-60 a month I think. I might have to run out the contracts and reconfigure the lines. I wonder if I can move all of the phones except the LTE (GNote)to shared data and keep the GNote on unlimited?

Sounds like me. I have 3 phones one with 2mb for $10 and 2 with 3gb for $25 each I think. We talk alot so our bill is $300/month. This plan will save us about $80 a month AND give us unlimited minutes AND almost double the data.

I'm in the middle of switching from Sprints "Unlimited" to Verizon's "shared" and with 2 phones/unlimited minutes/text/6GB is only $160 and then we get 25% off. So it's almost on par to what I had on Sprint as I looked at all my previous stats and never used more than 2 GB total as always been near WiFi and Sprint's data has been sucking so really could never use more anyway..

That initial 1GB for $40 is actually worse than Verizon and it's 2GB for $29.99... These companies are really going over the deep end with this. But I predicted that this kind of thing would happen in time almost 2 years ago. The money is in the data. No one talks on cell phones anymore as evidenced by the stat that more people communicate through text/email then voice. I still call people and quite a lot. But it's becoming a whole lot less all over the country. The shared data plan model isn't going anywhere. And I'm making a prediction that within 2 years, Sprint will follow the same model. It inevitable that Sprint will expqnd it's 4G footprint and will need to keep up with the others costwise. For me, I am glad I still have my unlimited plan on Verizon. But who knows how long that will all last?

The CEO of sprint, dan hesse, has repeatedly gone on record telling customers their unlimited data will never go away. hell, it's their one good, strong selling point. why would they do away with it? what would they offer customers that at&t, t-mo and verizon don't??? old, outdated technology that takes forever to update is hurting them, whether they admit it or not...having unlimited data on every single mobile line is keeping their business open...literally. without it they would shrivel and die.

...and to the comments about sprint's "awful" data...I'm just not seeing it. I get a hair under 3MBytes/sec on a regular basis, and rarely lose my 4g signal. maybe you should live in an area that the rest of the world wants to live instead of on top of a mountain, or 17 miles from civilization and you will get better reception. I live over an hour away from new york in the sticks and I get PERFECT reception everywhere.

Lightyear420, I really only have one thing to say in reply to your grossly generalized comment.

You are a moron.

AT&T is actually much cheaper than Verizon when you get over 14GB month in data. I use 14GB, my wife uses about 4GB and the third line uses about 1GB, so I can't afford that on Verizon, but it would be cheaper for us on AT&T. I have unlimited right now but it would cost more to put my other two lines on the "share everything". Verizon will slowly force everyone off of their unlimited data and Sprint can't afford to keep unlimited data as a staple once their 4G network gets completely built out.

I am glad we don't have to change as I am confused where the savings is?
Today I have 4 lines w/AT&T each with 3gb of data @ $30 each per month plus an 18% company discount, approx. $120.00 a month, under the plan above 10gb would cost me $240 a month.
I'll stick with the plan that I have currently unless I missed something in the post above

that doesn't help...I pay $65/month with sprint and I get 700 minutes (way more than I can use) unlimited text and unlimited data. If at&t can beat that, I'll tip my hat to them.....but apparently they can't, since their 6gb plan for one device costs almost double what mine does.

My bad, forgot to add everything in.
All in comes out pretty close to the same for me on a 10gb data plan w/4 phones.

Maybe it can save a few people some money but they are doing this to make money which tells me it will cost people more than it will save.

wait so if i'm thinking of switching to att as a single line user do they have different plans for non sharing of stuff or am i forced to start at the 1gb/$85 plan and move up from there if i want more data?????

I cannot understand why all these shared plans are tied to unlimited talk/text plans. I had been looking forward to shared plans for a long time, but it would be a terrible deal for me with the way they have priced it. So you can have shared minutes with a regular family plan, or shared data with this plan, but not both. Oh well, guess I can't complain since they are not forcing it on me.

Not only will this save me money, it allows me to ADD a hotspot device for our tablets and still be cheaper than the current plan we use. If you ask me, the original design of choosing between 300MB and 3GB was the real screwing. Of the three smartphones on my plan only one has hit 1GB once though the others have come close. By budgeting 1.5GB on each device (knowing I'll not hit that evenly) I'm saving money and getting more ability. I think a lot of people that take issue with this aren't being reasonable about their data needs. Notice I said needs, not wants. Everyone wants unlimited data or a huge bucket, but is it actually needed with so many WiFi spots? I'd say that's the exception not the rule. Most people that are going to stream a lot of videos/movies are most likely near a WiFi spot or could have planned to cache a movie offline. Most music streamers are in the same boat. You can't expect all the data you want whenever you want it, the infrastructure is still too new and users are outgrowing capacity.

AND to top it off, I could add another device to be nothing but our home phone since the minutes are unlimited now. So I can cancel the home line.