If you are an AT&T user who was extremely disappointed to find out that you were unable to download and utilize the Amazon App Store upon release you were not alone. AT&T has created a page where users can input their device along with an email address so that they can be kept in the loop as far as updated in regards to the app store. So if you wish to be notified, be sure to head here and input your information, and sit patiently as we wait for further updates. [AT&T via Amazon] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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AT&T users can now sign up for updates on Amazon App Store status


"Coming Soon"... what a joke.

Anyone else think it's ridiculous that AT&T can't find a simple way to allow it's customers to take advantage of a trusted application? Do what I did: download the .apk from Amazon to your PC and use the Sideload Wonder Machine to install the app yourself.

sideloader works for me to install Amazon App for their App Store, but downloaded programs still won't install. Get the security warning "to protect the phone" it blocks the installation. The easy work-around is just to allow the root settings option "allow third-party apps to be installed. You know the one the Death Star has obnoxiously removed!

You have to sideload the program once you've downloaded it. Works fine for me on Atrix 4G.

Needless to say I won't be signing up for "notification" for once AT&T get their act together.

att's plan is genius for them. force people to root because they want 3rd party apps w/o adb/sideload. since they are rooted, they want to tether. they accuse people of tethering. they get money. AttFail.

No clue how AT&T thinks they are going to accomplish this, technically speaking.

Do they have a way to enable the "Install apps from unknown sources" setting on all their Android phones remotely? Unlikely, and it's doubtful that they would change positions on that just for Amazon. Also unlikely that they could easily enable that setting for all existing phone owners even if they wanted to.

Could they push out OS updates to every phone model with special code that doesn't consider Amazon apps to be from an "unknown source"? Also unlikely. They'd probably have to work with each manufacturer to roll that change into all the various skinned versions (HTC Sense, etc.) then push out the updates, which would take months.

Best case I'd guess they do this through OS updates but only for the top 2 or 3 Android models they carry, and it's still going to take them weeks or months. Way to plan ahead, AT&T.

I downloaded the app from Amazon, installed it, and I have already downloaded apps from it with no problem. I am running Serendipity 6.2 on my Captivate so downloading and installing a side app was no problem.

I understand the frustration, though. I think AT&T is just trying to figure out how they can get money from it. Until they do, I doubt we see anything more about it.

Without root: Just have the .apk for the Amazon app emailed to you, sideload it using SWM. Then you can DL the apps from the store. You'll have to hook it up to a comp, pull the .apk that you downloaded and then sideload THAT via SWM onto your phone. It takes 5 minutes. No big deal.

Has anyone found any apps available through Amazon that isn't in the Market? I know that Angry Birds Rio was free though Amazon, but what makes the Amazon apps special?

Being rooted and allowing non market apps allows this to be downloaded..but as the cop at the accident scene said: "move on..nothing to see here"...its just the market in a different uniform

This is an attempt by Amazon and AT&T subvert and to profit off of Android. Supporting this does so at the expense of the Android platform. If AT&T thinks it can make more money using an Amazon appstore through a revenue sharing agreement, it will ditch Google, and the Android platform will be fractured beyond repair.

I was just able to load directly from the Amazon Appstore this morning to my Samsung Captivate 2.2(not rooted). Anyone else had any luck?