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AT&T has released their Q3 earnings this morning, and among all the numbers they reported a "record sales quarter" for Android devices. Good news indeed, but we should still remember that of the 6.1 million smartphones sold in the quarter, a big portion were iPhone's

Overall, AT&T reported 678,000 new subscribers for the quarter, putting them at a total of 105.9 million subscribers. EPS is up from $0.61 a year ago to $0.63, and a record free cash flow of $6.5 billion is also reported. Data revenues for the carrier also went up in line with the increase in smartphone sales, with an increase of 18.3%. Consolidated revenues however remain flat year on year at $31.5 billion. 

In short, AT&T gained customers, and made some money. For the full report hit the source link below. We've also got a short video with Ralph de la Vega to run through the shortened version embedded after the break.

Source: AT&T


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AT&T releases Q3 earnings, 'record sales quarter' for Android devices


Interesting note I found was that the 'shared' plans are doing pretty good.... They had a third of 'share' customers select plans of 10GB or more...

iPhone once again dominated the handset sales because of all the duty bound iphone users running in on first day of availability to buy the new iphone. It happens every time apple releases a new phone. Every single iphone user i know who han an upgrade coming, held out until the release date, and most of them are disappointed. Some are downright angry.

Apple is still eating its young with every new release. Id love to hear how much AT&T pulled in on early termination fees for iphone users who upgrade every release.

As long as they stay with AT&T there aren't any early termination fees. You just have to pay full price for the phone.

I just read that they also had record iPhone sales as well this quarter. It's amazing that you hear how bad they are and how bad their network is yet they sell more Android and iPhone then big red.

Their network is awesome in the Atlanta area. You can say their network is bad but they have spent 40 billion on it the past two years and its a lot better.