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Red Inspire 4G

Same ol' black slab got you down? If you have your eye on an AT&T HTC Inspire 4G, you might soon get some relief, as we just got some pics of a red Inspire, well a dummy unit, anyway. It's said to be headed to Radio Shack, price and date to be determined.

Gotta say, that looks pretty darn good. Definitely a good way to break the black-slab monotony.

Thanks, anon!

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There are 14 comments

RenoD2010 says:

The red makes me think of Netflix which does NOT run on the Inspire. Ironic.

GQ50 says:

Nice but how about ATT prep to roll out a reliable 4G first!? Hell even a steady reliable 3G would make me happy...nice color phone though.

Nwright9494 says:

My AT&T 3G is very reliable and fast, sure their 4G sucks, but their 3G is still great.

EggoEspada says:

I'd like to point out this dummy unit has the date of June 24th, which is a Friday, not a Wed. Soo yea... I don't know. Lol.

galfert says:

Well on the screen is says that June 24 is a Wednesday....which corresponds to 2010. So this isn't a strong theory.

Wow red really makes that phone looks good

dylan808 says:

Yes! I want this. Although a darker red would've looked a bit better. Or make it in Ma Bell Blue then you have me SOLD!

gcims says:

What is the world coming to? VZW removing and AT&T adding red to thier phones.

mediq91 says:

Very slick looking phone. I personally think manufacturers need to do things like this more often. For example we now have the Inspire in Red. We have the Fascinate and Nexus S in Black and White (White Fascinate owner) and hell to throw one out there the Iphone is now in Black and White. I like having options on a phone when I go and pick one up instead of a black slab concept. I feel I shouldnt have to go spend a extra 10 - 40 dollars for a case for my phone to be the color I like. I am a fan of white phones and have had to do that many of times that is why I went with the Fascinate good phone and I got it in the color I liked.

NxTech3 says:

I'm sure the manufacturers don't want to make multiple phone colors that will sit on the shelf instead of selling. Most smart devices are meant to be for business use. That's why you see so much black and grey. If you notice the lower end smartphones are in different colors while the higher ends are standard black and grey. I know I'm not going to walk in a meeting and pull out a bright red or blue phone....

IceDree says:

Im not a fan of the color RED , but this is tempting
Its Good to see that HTC is trying to be more unique , instead of a black & White versions

haxle says:

The regular black one is going for 29.99 right now... I would assume that a different color wouldn't be a different price, the different colored torches we have are always the same price.

ricky99797 says:

the two different tone's of red look dumb, they should have made the main cover red and the little pieces (bottom, side and by camera) black

zetsueis says:

Having got this in our shipment last week and see it myself the red looks a bit brighter in this picture then it really is at least from what i can tell.