AT&T posts Q2 results: 1.3 M net adds, 5.1 M smartphone sales

AT&T posted their second quarter 2012 financial results today. 5.1 million smartphones were sold; subtract the 3.7 million iPhone activated, and you should get a pretty clear idea of how many Android devices were sold. There were 1.3 million net subscribers added. Here are the broad strokes.  

  • $0.66 diluted EPS compared to $0.60 diluted EPS in the second quarter of 2011, up 10 percent year over year and sequentially
  • Consolidated revenues of $31.6 billion, up 0.3 percent versus the year-earlier period; up 2.0 percent when adjusted for Advertising Solutions sale
  • Highest-ever wireless margins, operating income margin of 30.3 percent, with EBITDA service margin of 45.0 percent
  • $2.5 billion in stock buybacks; 75.8 million shares repurchased
  • 18.8 percent growth in wireless data revenues, up $1 billion versus the year-earlier quarter
  • Best-ever postpaid, prepaid and total wireless churn; postpaid churn drops to 0.97 percent
  • 1.3 million total wireless net adds, with gains in every customer category; 320,000 postpaid net adds
  • Strong smartphone sales of 5.1 million with more than one-third of all postpaid smartphone subscribers now on 4G-capable devices
  • Branded computing (tablets, tethering plans, etc.) net adds of 496,000 to reach a total of 6.3 million, up more than 50 percent versus a year ago
  • Postpaid wireless subscriber ARPU (average monthly revenues per subscriber) up 1.7 percent to $64.93

You can dig in to more of the nitty gritty over at AT&T's investor relations. For some reason there's a video running down the highlights, so here you go. 

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_Zguy__ says:

ATT seems to have come around and brought the good phones to the market. They have flagships from Samsung, HTC and Motorola and have not messed with the design just added a bit of their bloatware. Their 3g+ network is fast and much better bckup to their lte than verizon offers. Never thought last year I would be glad to be on ATT

icebike says:

Amazing that they are still selling more iPhones than Android. Totally out of sync with the market as a whole.

The other amazing thing is how low they have managed to push the customer churn rate compared to the rate in the years before the punitive ETF charges.

tqmcguire says:

It's like Phil said, it's a great big world out there. 1,000,000 Android activations per day and AT&T and Verizon only activated up to 4.2 million in the last 90 days. But we're actually right on pace with the rest of the world. Here goes (yes, I'm bored): US population of 320 million is roughly 4.5% of the world population of 7.028 billion. 4.2 million Androids activated in the US is roughly 4.4% of the 90 million devices worldwide. :)

Erievon says:

Highest ever wireless margins. Gheee. Better get people off unlimited data so we can charge more for less. They're in business to make money for the shareholders but gheez oh man this angers me.

planoman says:

become a shareholder...5% dividend yield.

l00natic71 says:

So, this s the "hurt" that smart phones are giving ATT? removing unlimited data, doubling upgrade fee, overages, because it costs them a lot of money in infrastructure costs? Yet, they post this:
Highest-ever wireless margins, operating income margin of 30.3 percent, with EBITDA service margin of 45.0 percent

I'm all for companies making money, that's how you fund expansion and research. However, don't lie to the consumer as to why you keep charging them more, that's insulting.