AT&T One X bootloader

Whenever a hot new HTC device is on the way, a portion of potential buyers are only interested in one thing -- how long until it's rooted and the bootloader is cracked? The AT&T One X is no exception, and many of us drooling over it already have grand plans to hack the daylights out of the damn thing until it cries uncle. That's what we do, and we'll never stop. But that means time spent finding exploits (which very smart people at HTC are busy to prevent), bricking devices, and general headache until HTC throws us a bone with their bootloader unlocking tool. Part of me is sure they chuckle a bit when we can't get them cracked (I know I would), and they have a sly smile when they finally upload the tools to get it done. It's cat and mouse, and they likely have as much fun on their end as we do on ours -- at heart software engineers are hackers, too.

The AT&T One X may get haxxored sooner rather than later, as a lucky user ended up with a prototype with full S-OFF in the bootloader. He's currently looking for help getting things dumped and sent to the people who know what to do with these sorts of things, and should they succeed a fantastic new phone will be putty in the hands of developers. If not, we just have to wait. Here's hoping!

Anyhoo, if you can help, or know someone who can help, hit the link below and chime in. A few people looking to buy this one will be grateful.

Source: XDA-Developers


Reader comments

AT&T One X prototype may mean early access for hackery


this really means nothing jerry as the rezound had white box phones shipped with s-off back in november. we finally have a method that may be released shortly. count how many months that is! ;)

Maybe, maybe not. The point is that we need to try. :)


This isn't just a whitebox One X. It's an AT&T prototype phone that could have the engineering tools in the bootloader.

So since this is all about hackery, question... If someone makes a custom rom for the One X (Tegra 3) will it work on the AT&T One X (Qualcomm) ?? oR not at all..? :/

This COULD mean something but we dont know yet. And most likely it will mean an unlock for the at&t and sprint one x also. bootloaders are probably the same software

Its gotta be rooted ill go nuts until it is but then again im not up for a new phone w
till january so by then it should be hacked :) but on the other hand lets see what they gonna have for 2013???

Just don't let EvilDevNull anywhere around it. He'll just lie and say he has a method and then claim his servers wiped the method, steal your money and give fake progress reports just like he did for the Verizon HTC Rezound.