AT&T Samsung Captivate

Today's the day for the AT&T Captivate, the second of the Samsung Galaxy S phones to be released in the United States. (See the T-Mobile Vibrant for the first.) The Captivate will cost you $199.99 after contract (no rebate mess, huzzah!), and you can pick it up for $500 off-contract.

Yes, that's $150 more than some lucky dogs got it for in the days leading up to the release. (Did anybody really think $350 was the correct off-contract price?) Don't know what to tell you about that except that they got a great deal, and kicking and screaming won't really help now, will it?

Anyhoo, if you pick up a Captivate, be sure to spend a little time in our Captivate forums and share what you learn. [AT&T]


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AT&T Captivate available today


Okay so yesterday I was in the AT&T store..doing my sleuth thing I do. ;-) A sales rep asks "can I help you?" I replied "yes, do you have any displays of the Samsung Captivate?" He states "we do not but they go on sale tomorrow." So I asked, "Why wouldn't a company display a new phone that many people may be interested in?" He shrugged his shoulders and gave me a look like, good question. He then states "sir, I can't answer that." I wonder if AT&T knows they are losing customers to these stupid antics of promoting only the iPhone. Hell, atleast HTC does their own commercials for the Aria!..sorry for the rant. Anyway I'm picking my Captivate up in an hour.

My local store hhad no display either but they let me play with one for an hour right there in the showroom.

Little crowd of three needs gathered.

This was Saturday and the store was not that busy at the time.

Nice phone. I even installed and app on it from the market (Astro).

I'll be paying full off-contract price for mine this week. Can't wait another year for my next upgrade offer to replace my nokia e71, and the Captivate has completely destroyed any desire I had for an iphone.

I second that! So much talk of droid x and I don't see what the big deal is. The galaxy s line has a nicer screen, is faster in the tests I've seen, has a much sleeker look and feel, and doesn't have an encrypted bootloader. I don't know if it's Samsung or the carriers but they are doing a terrible job off promoting these awesome phones.

dont return it
put that sucker on ebay and make $800 then buy this and pocket that rest make money off the iMorons

Great deal over at the phone is free with contract or is only $229 off contract. I just got one for the $229 price also the activation is waived.

so how is you order progressing? Has it moved to shipping status yet? Mine is stuck in 'Customer Information needed' and they don't respond to emails. I am not entirely surprised based on the reviews of the site, but thought I'd ask if anyone elses order seems to be processing correctly.

yea you are correct, i wanted the vibrant but its 599.00 off contract, i wander why is that? att is a lot cheaper than the one on tmobile?

I noticed in the picture that there is only 2 bars of signal. Is it because he is holding wrong or is it at&t's crappy service? Or both?? Lol

I tried it out at a AT&T store and it's awesome! I own a EVO and never thought I would say that!...LOL

I just got mine a couple of hours ago and loving it myself. Just weird issue is the phone keeps dropping back to home screen and back screen all the time!


I have an AT&T Premier account /w 4 lines. Two of the lines are eligible for upgrades and can get the phone for the advertised $199.99 plus $18 Upgrade Fee. The other two lines appear to let me purchase the phone for the "No Commitment" price of $324.99 (no commitment fee). My account is "Premier" because I get a discount on my personal account from my employer.

The fine print on that 199.99 is a two year contract extension, (but still grandfathered in if your contract had unlimited data)

The fine print on the no commitment price is a LIKE new line of service and will NOT GRANDFATHERED IN for unlimited Data.

Ask a LOT of detailed questions.

If you are grandfatherd in, I recommend you get the phone somewhere else, at a no-contract price.

Interesting comment re unlimited data plan. I have had such a plan (w/ tethering for $60/mo.) on an ATT Mobility line since 2007, but have been told by THREE reps and TWO persons from the Office of the President at ATT that no one is grandfathered in on that particular plan any longer. There is now a 5GB cap for that particular plan, and after a one-time waiver, they will charge for overage. I actually filed a complaint with the FCC because ATT changed the terms of my contract before the contract ends in December of this year.

As a result of ATT treating me like an unvalued customer (who has THREE cell lines w/ them), I asked my roommates to upgrade their Verizon FiOS modem to include WiFi and then I can stop wasting $60.00 per month with ATT on the data plan. I may also take my business to T-Mobile, since ATT said they will let me out of ALL three contracts w/o ETF since they changed the terms and I told them I am a very unhappy camper.

This is a company that really cares about their customers -- NOT!

i got mine today for no contract price 499.99(only 5 at store) still have my I4 too..Im noticing the signal bars are pretty weak on the samsung, though of course my calls with zero bars are fine and garble zero though i wish the RF indicator matched on samsung lightning fast compared to data speed on my iphone 4

I picked mine up this morning and have been pretty thrilled with it so far. It came out of the box with pretty minimal charge, so I let it run down and plugged it in when it hit low battery. It's just about fully charged now, and I'm looking forward to giving it a little battery life test.

This is my first Android phone, so I'm sure it will be a little while before I am familiar enough with it to get the full experience, but from what I've seen so far, it's a hell of a phone. The size is perfect, the screen is unbelievable and holy crap, does it ever fly. My only complaint is the ridiculous placement of the microUSB port. I'll post more once I've put it through the paces a bit more.

I just ordered the captivate 30 mins ago from Going wit this phone instead of the evo4g (guess I'll need a new username) because of the faster graphics processor. What are the prospects for 3d gaming on android? what exactly is stopping big time players like EA Gameloft etc from really hitting the android market hard?

When I go into a corporate store, have the store manager wait on me, and he goes back to get one to let me play with and prints off a flyer and hand writes the prices on it ... then yeah Phil, I sort of expected to get it at the price he quoted me.

Which is why I'll be leaving AT&T tomorrow to pick up the Vibrant on T-mobile.

Call me crazy ...

Bought one today off-contract at a Corporate store, $499. Was hoping I'd win the $350 lottery, but wasn't expecting it.

Coming from a modded-as-it-can be and overclocked Milestone, this thing has no weight. Which I kinda like, now that I've used it for several hours.

Took me ten minutes to get it rooted from start to finish (root is shit simple, just drop an update zip in the internal SD card and boot into recovery, apply and done). Took another ten minutes to do the side-loading hack (well documented on XDA).

Biggest complaints...miss the good speaker on the Milestone/Droid, not happy with the volume on the left, which makes it the bottom in landscape. Not happy with the dithering/banding on some dark-colored images. Not happy with the raised Galaxy S logo on the back, it's abrasive and I don't think it's going to wear well. Not happy with the capacitive buttons, they suffer a bit from Nexus-syndrome, the hotspot is a bit off from the actual touch area on mine.

Not happy with the hoops you have to jump through to access the internal and SD card storage, it ALWAYS requires an action from you to mount (am I missing something here?), and the external SD card can't be seen by many apps. Not happy having to learn the Menu/Back/Home layout, coming from a Google-approved Back/Menu/Home setup on the Milestone.

Miss actually being able to call anybody too. :) I'm in Canada (drove down to get it) and it might be a bit before I can find somebody to unlock it. Using it now with an old AT&T prepaid SIM just to shut off the nag screen.

Miss indicator LEDs, would be nice just for charging status if nothing else. Miss Motorola's Corporate Calendar app. Miss having a phone that doubles as a blunt weapon in a pinch. :)

With all that out of the way, I pretty much love it! (I've got a similar-sized-but-different laundry list of shit I don't like on the Milestone, which I also claimed to have loved).

I'm happy with the overall build quality and feel of it, though it's no Droid or iPhone 4, it's also not junk.

As everyone has already said, the display is AMAZING. The display is actually usably larger than the Milestone, that .3" does make a difference. At any distance I can actually focus both eyes on the screen, I can't see pixels, either, which was something I worried about before using it, as I use Aldiko and read a LOT on my Milestone, which has great crisp text. The Captivate does too. And the off-axis viewing of this thing is unbelievable. Laying flat on a desk, from across the room it's bright and clear and readable. Unbelievable.

Size-wise, in height and width it's actually SMALLER than my Milestone in an Otterbox Commuter case, and just a hair larger than it in an Innocase. And of course it's hella thin, thinner than the keyboard section of a Droid. It's for sure the sweet spot in size IMHO.

The power of this puppy is pretty good, outrunning my 1Ghz overclocked Milestone by a teensy bit in Linpack. Can't wait for Froyo. Once I ditched TouchWiz for LauncherPro, very happy with the responsiveness of it, though there's still some issues to iron out.

I think the reason the DroidX is winning the Quadrant benchmarks is because of better memory pipelines or faster RAM or both on the TI OMAP, but the Galaxy kills it on pure rendering power.

That said, if the DX came in GSM, I'd have bought one of those today instead, it was my first "big screen" choice and I love the industrial design and feel of it. Then again, it's kinda nice buying a phone that's rooted before launch day. :)

I ordered mine last night!!! I am finally jumping ship from sister site Crackberry! My Bold 9700 is going on the shelf while my Captivate earns its way to my pocket. Blackberry OS was getting and is really boring and I can not wait to get my phone in the mail!