Using tools from HTC and existing methods for the international version, the AT&T HTC One has cracked open

Good news for some folks interested in the AT&T version of the HTC One -- the HTC Dev site will unlock your bootloader, and the methods used to root and install ClockWorkMod recovery are the same as the international version.

We mentioned a few days ago that a few people were lucky enough to get their HTC One early from AT&T, and of course that means that people have been working at opening it up. Some have been concerned that AT&T would have the device blocked from using the standard HTC bootloader unlocking tool, but that doesn't seem to be the case. 

There are a few things to keep on mind if you plan to try this for yourself as soon as you get your HTC One. This procedure will wipe everything off your phone as part of the bootloader unlock process. Also, the Calculator, Flashlight, Ringtone Trimmer and Sound Recorder apps are deleted in the process. This doesn't sound like a very big deal, but the absence of these apps means the device won't pass a file integrity check and can no longer receive OTA updates.

In any case, this is good news for those waiting on their new HTC One from AT&T, and also like to tinker with things. 

Source: XDA developers

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This method works accross all carriers. That was the point of making one phone for all carriers with no changes. Same methods work for all of them.

MrLadoodle says:

Your comment makes no sense. The One X was a "all-carrier" flagship too.

supern0va#AC says:

just because the same model phone was released on multiple carriers doesn't mean that exploits will be successful across the board. Different carriers use different technologies (GSM, CDMA) have firmware builds. Sometimes different radios (LTE) will even call for different processors and other on-board hardware. ( U.S. version SGS4 uses a completely different chipset architecture than overseas; snapdragon v. exynos. wso just because they are all marketed as one model, they technically aren't, and conversely, not all methods will work.

icvos says:

I'll get mine when there is a CM 11 based off KLP 5.0 ready to go, so like June at the latest?

Jay Holm says:

No, thank you, I'm waiting forth S4!!!
Coming from a Droid Charge, the S4 will be a very,
very big upgrade for me!

Too bad the S4 will never see an official Cyanogen mod given all the proprietary junk Samsung puts on their handsets.

You're pretty ignorant:

Galaxy S3 OFFICIAL CyanogenMod:

Galaxy Note 2 OFFICIAL CyanogenMod:

Galaxy S4 and Note 3 will as well

Appogee says:

If you paid any attention, a few members of the Cyanogen dev team (Hacksung) said there would be no official CM mod for the SGS4. Looks like you're the ignorant one here.

So, he was justified in saying the SGS4 wouldn't get CMmod, although Cyanogen himself hasn't said anything about it and won't until retail release.

I very we'll could be ignorant here I just happen to believe it will come

cryosx says:

It'll probably come, but not from team hacksung. Also, codeworkx is getting an HTC One :D

JakeHilltop says:

You're forgetting that plenty of CM members said the exact same thing about the international S3 and all of the Note 2's. The S4 will come out, people on XDA will start bounty threads to buy S4's for popular developers, those developers will bring CyanogenMod to the S4.

Don't know about June but it will get cm but to be honest sense 5 is awesome. Cm would be like a step down. I'm running it on my evolte and sense has never been so fast and smooth.

icvos says:

"sense 5 is awesome" GASP -I'll give it a spin but then what will I tinker with?! You expect me to use a phone As Is even if it's working perfectly? Ugh!

cryosx says:

cyanogenmod has a few very nice functionality/usabillity mods (like editing what the capacitive buttons do or volume button media controls) that are more than worth it. plus once you theme it with something from joshuas_79 (popstyle or noir) you'll have one sexy device.

Acudoc says:

Jerry said: "This procedure will wipe everything off your phone as part of the bootloader unlock process. Also, the Calculator, Flashlight, Ringtone Trimmer and Sound Recorder apps are deleted in the process. This doesn't sound like a very big deal, but the absence of these apps means the device won't pass a file integrity check and can no longer receive OTA updates".

Will rooting the developer edition, that already has an unlocked bootloader, delete these same apps and cause the same situation?

Probably not, and those apps can easily be downloaded back to the phone after root. Search XDA, its all right there for ya.

Acudoc says:

Thanks. New to rooting, so it is a brave new world.
Any thoughts (from experience) on how long after the release of the next version of Android
at the upcoming Google I/O that a stable version will be available for rooted developer version of the One?

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worknman says:

w00t! Now how long before we're able to get Blinkfeed off of this phone?

panda_mode says:

Cool. No more changing CID then

jimbo says:

I think this article should definitively shut up the Samsung fanboy louts who were bad mouthing the HTC One because of their ignorant claim it couldn't be unlocked and modified in short order.

Of course it won't because in many cases we're dealing with zombie rocks.

Tables turned, Biatches! See how long it will take to put a stable mod on your plastic wizbang S4 while you're swapping batteries and SD cards and imbedding a picture of yourself taking the picture in the picture you're taking. Confused? I'm not surprised. Muwaahaahaaha!

Of course most HTC users will prefer to sensibly keep their Sense features including ImageSense, Zoes, and BlinkFeed because those are new differentiating fun features that set their innovative smartphone apart from the boring old stuff.

Look away, your YouTube video might stop, maybe. Oh, but you got an unstable TW skin on 4.2.2 which was specifically designed to patch JB on tablets. Woopdedo!

Developers are going to be all over and using the HTC One just because of its bad ass coolness.

jeffisbiking says:

I know Android users in general are pretty passionate about their phones, but I don't see why there has to be such rampant fanboy-ism from people using HTC phones vs. people using Samsung phones. I pre-ordered the One because I think it'll be a better phone for me than the GS4. I don't disparage anyone who owns a GS3 or is going to own a GS4. I think it'll be a fine phone. I just don't see the need to pick a side and act like it's a war we're all fighting. I can understand if it was someone employed by HTC or Samsung, but I'm just an Android phone user who is going to have the HTC One. I'm not part of some army for HTC.

VDub2174 says:

Well this was