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Rocking an AT&T or Rogers One X, and tired of watching the International One X users have all the Jelly Bean fun? If you're not afraid to get your hands a little dirty, this ported ROM from the One XL update will hook you right up. 

It's the stock Sense 4+ ROM, with all the Asian language stuff removed and SuperUser added in. There isn't a lot more to say, because everything seems working as intended. Of course you'll need to be rooted and unlocked, but after that it's fairly easy to flash. Have a look at the source link to get the files you need, and happy Jelly to everyone!

Source: XDA


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AT&T and Rogers One X get Jelly Bean port thanks to One XL update


HTC has now released a jelley bean update for all one x variants, the one x, one xl, and obviously the one x+. If you don't have it yet then it has nothing to do with HTC and everything to do with your carrier. If you're on at&t like I am there's no way they're gonna upgrade this phone before Christmas while they're trying to sell x+s. It just isn't going to happen.

To those making the update. I have the Sprint version (EVO LTE), for the 1st few days, battery life sucked. I could barely get 9hrs of battery life. Now, I'm back to the regular "full day and then some" battery life. There have been a lot of application updates since JB on the phone. So, it could have been that applications were not working properly before. So, if you do upgrade and your battery life is not upto what you are used to, give it a week and see if things get better.

Wow I really hope you have more respect for the creators of *many* electronics to generalize the Chinese as an "Asian language"