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Ahh, Atari. Long before PlayStation, XBOX and Wii there was Atari. While many of the Atari franchise games have been re-released over the years, they've not quite may their way to Android. That all changed a few days ago with the release of Atari's Greatest Hits in the Android Market.

As a starter, you get Missile Command for free when you download the app and other classics such as Asteroids, Centipede, Gravatar and many others are supported through the in-app purchasing options as game packs. Each game pack will cost you $.99 or if you're looking to go all in, you can purchase all 100 games for $10. The full list is available in the Android Market.

Personally, I went with the $10 for 100 -- It's cheaper that way and you'll never have to worry about buying a game pack for $.99 and only getting one game you like but to each their own. If you dig old school gaming as much as I do, go ahead and jump past the break for the download. Be warned though, you may have to excuse yourself from any plans you made previously.


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Atari's Greatest Hits now on your Android device!


You had me at "Yars Revenge"....

(Although NO RIVER RAID!!! Really!!!)

Hopefully there will be an expansion II.

EDIT: BTW - How are they going to do the Sword series when the clues to solve the game where hidden in the manual?

Not on my N1. :( Guess it's time to retire this guy. I should have my GNote this week. Hope it works on there.

If I pay $10 for this app for my current phone, then upgrade to a new phone, do I have to pay another $10 to keep using it?

It would appear you have to pay over and over for every single device, since it is in-app purchased. Had they released a version for $10 on the market without in-app purchases, then you should be able to load it on all your current and future Android devices.

This really is a good question. I hope my answer is accurate....

How has nobody mentioned the horrendous (at least with Missile Command) controls yet? I'm all for recreating an experience but a virtual trackball?... Who thought that would work?

This is my fear. Every game I have ever played that has been ported to a device has lost its luster because of the controls. Nothing beats the black 2600 controller with the red button. Hmmm - someone needs to develop a blue tooth 2600 style controller. :)

I just don't see what the logic was with Missile Commander. I can't imagine anybody performing half-decently with it. Can anybody tell me if the other games have similar problems?