It's a burning question that's heating up our Chromecast forums: Do you leave your Chromecast plugged in all day?

(We'll pause as the groans subside for that pun.)

But, really, do you leave your Chromecast plugged in all day? Here's how I do things.


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Ask AC: Do you leave your Chromecast plugged in all the time?


Yes to the one in the kitchen as it is plugged in to main power, no to the one in the living room as it is plugged into the tv's usb for power.

I hear you! Got an email today from Amazon this morning mine is scheduled to ship between late October to mid November.

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are u still waiting?? just wondering i tired getting one from amazon and they were out of stock i got mine from best buy and they had it to me in four days and with free shipping

It's plugged into my TVs USB port, and turns off when my TV does. I thought it would be an issue, but the Chromecast barely takes longer than my TV to turn on and be fully ready.

Plus, it saves energy by not having your Chromecast vamp off an AC plug while your TV is off.

Would love to do that, but was totally shocked to find the relatively late model TV has virtually every port you can imagine but no USB port.

So mine burns 24 7 off of the second plug of the surge protector. Its hidden behind the big screen up on the wall.

That would be nice, but I'm certainly not goingto buy a new tv with this feature just so my chromecast turns off automatically. btw if I ever get my late order it will be on 24/7.

Aw, go ahead and get a new TV. Just think, the savings in electricity should pay for your new tube in about 30 years. LOL!!!

I have mine plugged in to the front of my receiver... There's a USB port right next to the HDMI aux-in that I use for power. Advantage to having it always powered is that it can turn my entire system on and start playing whenever I want. I can be in the kitchen and decide I want to listen to Pandora and the Chromecast can turn the receiver on, turn the TV on and start playing music. This wouldn't work if the Chromecast didn't always have power

What, you don't like to hear from Phil personally?
Nice pacing, with illustrations even.
More like this!


It costs less than a nickel per day to run that 24/7 and Google can't update it when its not plugged in.

I plan on leaving mine plugged in to the TV. Mine arrived today and I'll be familiarizing myself with it tonight. Thanks again AC.

That only takes into consideration running the charger for a few hours to get the phone topped off, and then multiplying that by the average number of times it will need to charge per day (hopefully that number is less than 1) and then by 365. So, leaving a device plugged in 24 hours will surely draw more energy than one plugged in for 4-5 hours, but it still puts it in the couple bucks a year range.

Not true! You are transferring the energy into the phone's battery. If you can run your phone all day off the battery where do you think that energy came from in the first place?? Chrome cast is going to use less energy then a smartphone at idle as it's not communicating to a cell tower, downloading emails, etc. There is also no screen to ever light up...

Last I checked.... Electric heaters use a lot of electricity. And damn.... mine works more as a heater than anything else.

Pretty sure the pun was "heating up the forums"
The Chromecast is literally 'heating up' when left in the television.
The pun had nothing to do with biology.

No way. I pull my TV off of the wall every time and make sure that the Chromecast isn't racking up my energy bill.


the tear down that was going around recently showed that this thing has a massive heatsink relative to its size. I'm sure that's there to address the issue of overheating from leaving it plugged in all the time. Can't imagine it'd be a problem

HDMI isn't designed to be plugged and unplugged over and over like usb. You can absolutely damage the cable (or plug) out the port by doing that.

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So if you were going to unplug it (which is unnecessary for most) you would unplug the micro usb from the dongle, not the dongle from the TV.

I guess so. I didn't know constantly inserting and removing the input did damage to the cord and the port. I just learned something new today.

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"Heating up our Chromecast forums"
First page of the forums has the author saying "I understand that it does get hot while in use, but is okay to leave it plugged in all the time?"
The Chromecast is literally getting hot when plugged in to the television.

TheDu9du sounds like some 12 year old kid whose mind went straight to sex when the author mentioned 'plugging in.'

Like most others I plug it in to USB on the TV. So it goes off when the TV does.
To answer the question, YES mine is plugged in always! My TV isn't as enchanted as the Samsung used in the Breakfast with Sundar. It doesn't give charge thru HDMI and definitely won't turn on magically by pushing the Chromecast button from my phone without me turning it on and tuning it to the correct HDMI.

Funny story, one day my wife wanted to do Netflix with Xbox and I hadn't tell her i moved Xbox to HDMI 2. she unplugged everything and put Xbox back in HDMI 1. it seemed uncomfortable the first time, but for peace sake I managed to plug Chromecast on HDMI 2 and has been there for the last few days.

Mine stays plugged in all the time and it gets power from the USB on the TV. Honestly, I haven't checked to see if it stays on when the TV is powered off.


OK I am taking you up on that freebie. Mine melted into a puddle of nothing below the TV. Almost started a fire on the carpet.

I will send you the address for my replacement.

/not really I just want one. When I do get it, it will stay plugged in

I put it back in the box whenever I'm not using it. It takes no time at all to set up. Much faster than the TV, which is awkward because of its size.

I'm not worried about the energy costs but the damn thing does get pretty hot. I've left it plugged in for the time being and I'll see how it goes. What may encourage me to unplug it though is the power light - that thing is bright in a dark room.

Yes, of course. It will be tightly hidden in the back of my thin LED TV hanging on the wall. Would be a hassle to take it out all the time.

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All 4 of ours are plugged into the TV and ac adapters so they power on the TV's or AV receiver when you cast to them. Only wish they could power off the TV and receivers when not in use for a set amount of time.

Why wouldn't you leave it plugged in? I leave mine plugged in. Who wants to deal with the hassle of looking for the device and cable when you are already sitting on a computer queuing up videos or opening up documents to send to the TV?

I won't know for a couple of months since Amazon emailed me today to say my Chromecast won't arrive until October 17th through October 30th! That's October as in not August! I ordered mine in time for the 3 months of Netflix too.

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Mine stays plugged into my TV but power comes from the USB on the front of my cable box and its very easy to plug and unplug it so I unplug it from power when not in use but the device stays plugged into my TV which obviously can't power chromecast itself.

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Mine also plugs into the back of my receiver and stays on all the time. I wish it would change inputs for me but it does not. I have a button set up on my harmony to switch to it.

Yes I leave it plugged in all the time. Mostly for the "cool" factor. It nice to having the TV turn on after hitting the cast button with out having to find the remote.

I unplug nothing.. Nor have I ever pushed a single physical button on my TV.. That's what remotes are for.

I was unplugging it because I was afraid of it getting to hot but for last 4 days it has been plugged in and powered on. I guess we'll see what happens.

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Yes, i leave mine plugged in so i can use HDMI-CEC.
It's worth the little energy used to be able to cast a neflix movie and my TV and Receiver automatically turn on for me.

Yes, all the time. I have my TV and AV Receiver setup with network HDMI-CEC.

I use NFC Task Launcher so that as soon as I connect to my home Wi-Fi network, it disables my Bluetooth (coming from my car), Launches Chromecast, and immediately starts music playback via Play Music. Launching Chromecast subsequently turns on my TV and AV Receiver. I usually always listen to music as soon as I get home.

And in reverse, as my phone connects to my cars Bluetooth, it disables Wi-Fi and auto starts music playback in my car. Interestingly, that new cast button in Play Music allows to to connect to both your Bluetooth and Chromecast devices depending on whether you have Bluetooth and/or WiFi turned on.

Yep, I leave mine plugged into a TV at all times. I occasionally unplug it to take it to another room's TV, but it's always plugged in. Fortunately all three of my TVs have USB ports so the Chromecast turns on and off with the TV. I can't wait for the supply to be replenished so I can buy two more!

Yes I do. Right after I unplug my blu-ray player, cable box, xbox, receiver, and the TV its self. Then when I'm done with that, I unplug all the phone, tablet, and laptop chargers in my house, unplug my toaster oven and my microwave, my electric razor's charger/cleaner, and my monitor on my desk. I feel my life isn't complete unless I have to plug in at least 3 things to accomplish anything.

On a serious note, no I don't. I'm not paranoid about some heat or a little vampiric drain. There are two people awake in my house right now and I have 10 light bulbs on (I just counted). I am not the kind of person who is going to worry about unplugging a Chromecast.

Yes, I keep the Chromcast plugged in all the time, but because the USB power comes from the back of the TV, chromecast is off when the TV is off.

I used to leave it plugged in all the time via the included adapter, but then I switched over to plugging it into my TV's USB port mainly because the Chromecast has a really bright LED light and my Chromecast is in my bedroom TV. Since it turns off when my TV goes into standby, that not only saves power (albeit a miniscule amount), but it also saves my eyes when I sleep.

No I don't leave it plugged in, it gets too hot, it would melt my unifier and android TV, I hope Chromecast 2 is cooler and my 4k android TV box isn't a toaster, don't get me wrong, I love spewing YouTube videos from tablet, to UDTV.

So, in the living room it is plugged into the TV USB port so turns off with the TV. In the bedroom, the TV has a powered USB port but for some reason, when it's on the HDMI input it turns the USB off. It's the most frustrating thing! So I have to leave that one plugged in - and I'm sure it's screwing with it because it's far less consistent than the living room one.

My Chromecast is due to be delivered tomorrow. I wouldn't bother powering it off just to save a trivial amount of electricity, but since it runs really hot, even when idle, I will power it off just to prolong the life of the unit.

So here's the thing, leaving it plugged in actually is useful if you have an HDMI TV that supports cec. This makes it so your chromecast will automatically turn on your TV and switch inputs to your chromecast. I think this is pretty cool so that is why I plug it into the wall and leave it plugged in all the time. Then I can be even more lazy, :-)

In my experience, the electronics inside the Chromecast can malfunction when overheated.
My wife and I occasionally watch 3-4 TV episodes on over weekends to catch up. Frequently after around three 45-minutes episodes, the video stream stutters and finally freezes. We have the up-to-18Gbps AT&T U-verse broadband which is normally adequate to support VPN access for audio conference with whiteboard for one of us and watching video streaming for another. I'm not sure what exactly causes the problems, but I found out the only reliable way to reset the setup is to power down the HDTV, the 2013 Audio/Video receiver that the Chromecast is plugged into and unplug the Chromecast's power adapter from the wall, and let the setup rest and cool off (usually takes 15-30 minutes). Granted, my 2013 Onkyo TX NR626 burning 96 watts per channel running 7 speaker channels does get uncomfortably warm after 3 hours of continuous video watching. However, even when I plug the Chromecast into an HDMI port on the TV and just bypass the receiver altogether, the same problem can happen and the same solution works.

Yes, I do leave my chromecast plugged in all the time, how else will it receive updates and pull down the new live wallpaper with weather scenes...

Mine is powered from a USB port on the TV, and the TV is off when I'm not watching it (which can be most of the day some days, since I'm retired). Since there's no warning against having it powered 24/7 in the documentation (that tiny little section liner in the box), I'd probably make a big stink to Google (and a few government agencies) if mine were powered up 24/7 and melted - or went bad any other way from being powered all the time.

I'm a great believer in "warranty of merchantability", and I've exercised it on more than one product.

I left mine in for months at a time. Then I finally switched some connections around, like my wii and I connect them all to a power cord that I just switch that off when not in use. Easy.

Both of mine are always plugged into the TV. The TV in my bedroom gets it's power from a USBA port on the TV so it's only powered when the TV is on. The living room TV doesn't have a USB port so it's always powered up, plugged into the included power supply.

I leave it on all the time on both TVs for 2 reasons. The first is that, if I decide to cast something, or switches on the TV without any user input. The second is for the picture streaming option, when not in use.

I don't leave the plug in the wall outlet unless I am using my Chromecast. I found when mine gets hot it does not work well. I get a lot of errors. So I unplug the power cord from the wall.

Excuse me for asking this, but why would anyone NOT leave it plugged 24/7 is a better question. How would you be able to cast from your bedroom to your living room TV, if it wasn't plugged in? So yeah.... I leave it plugged in because I don't like or believe all the Tin Foil Hat Wearing iDiots and their thinking Google is "Teh Skynet"! ^_* ...........but maybe like Sabrina the Witch.... the Tin Foil enables them to wiggle their long pointy witch nose and magically plug it in and turn it on, each time they use it instead!!! haha....

Of course many people don't have CEC or Anynet enabled to Power on their TV remotely, when they Chromecast from another room or to enable not even having to pick up the TV Remote!!!