Nope. Just an HDMI port and a nearby power plug.

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Ask AC: Do I have to have a Wifi-enabled TV to use Chromecast?


Will it work with an hdmi to rca converter cable.

I have to either wait for the TV to blow up or blow it up to get something newer

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That's simple,
The iPad is the greatest Technological device ever invented for the Consumer.
It does almost everything.. Especially when Jailbroken.

Agreed. This is for the people who don't know that hot coffee is HOT!

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True but you would be surprised, I did see many posts on random places like youtube and cnet etc, asking if they needed a "Smart TV" to use the Chromecast. There are a lot of non-tech savvy people out there...

So for those poor clueless people this may be of some use.

Really? People really ask this? My goodness. People should read the specs before buying something. This should have never been a post on its own. Oh well.

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I use Chromecast and Xbox. I don't have a Wi-Fi TV. The Chromecast connects with Wi-Fi by using Google magic and I control it with my N4, also successful are the GS3 and Galaxy Captivate.
Although I kinda wish I had a Wi-Fi TV or an IR blaster phone so my phone could change the channel; the TV channel not YouTube channels.

I travel most of the time for work. How would this work in a hotel room without a 3G/4G hotspot of some kind? Is there a way to join the Chromecast to a hotel Wifi that needs browser-based authentication (have to plug in last name / room number before getting online, etc.)?

It was tested, and confirmed (by Google as well i think) that it DOES NOT WORK with web based login public/hotel wifi.

They said something to the effect, "Chromecast isn't designed to be used on public/shared wifi networks"

Which I can understand, but still I think it should be added somehow, maybe through some hidden flag or option, so that only people who know exactly what they are doing can do this. There are some scenarios where you need this.

I think we should try to cut the person who posed the question some slack. No one is an expert on everything. My ignorance when it comes to Football is legendary, for example. Instead of harping on the person we should be politely educating them.

should note that your HDMI needs to be able to pass through audio, this is mostly relevant to older receivers and TVs. My 2007ish model receiver had HDMI but it didn't pull the audio through so the Chromecast was a no go for me.. someday I will get another. :)

Hey, anyone, I need help. I'm device ignorant. I want my tv to have wi fi. I was told I need a rook? or a rouke? Do I? And where can I get one. Anyone?

Hi 777. It is called a router. Which you can get online thru Bestbuy. Amazon or ebay. Citrix is one of the best but you can Google research for that before buying one. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and your New year is fab. :)