'MyTablet' will arrive in stores tomorrow

Following Tesco's Hudl launch a few weeks back, another major British retail name has announced its own-brand, low-cost Android tablet. The Argos "MyTablet" will arrive in stores from tomorrow, Oct. 16, priced at just £99.99. While it undercuts the Tesco Hudl on price, it also doesn't quite match up to it in terms of specs. There's a 7-inch, 1024x600-resolution display, a dual-core 1.6GHz processor with 8GB of storage and microSD support. And you also get front and rear cameras — 2MP and 0.3MP shooters respectively.

On the software side, the device runs a near-stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean-based OS, with BBC iPlayer, Angry Birds and e-reader software pre-loaded.

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Argos launches £99 Android tablet


It's about half the tablet but only £20 cheaper. It might sell due to people not knowing better but in reality I expect quite a few disappointed owners by Boxing Day.

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I owned one for a day or so, quite heavy although sturdy feeling. The screen is the biggest let down, whites are creamy/yellowish and it really lets it down. It's quite sluggish and slow too even just moving through the UI. I'd rather pay a bit extra and get a Nexus line tablet personally.

I have the new Nexus 7, it's awesome :) I was a strong iOS fanboy (well I still like it for multimedia and gaming), but had to buy testing device for my own application and got the cheapest "popular one" (Nexus 4) that surprised me enough to get the Nexus 7 and ladn my old iPad mini to my mother :)

The only people that will purchase these hyper-budget tablet are the technologically illiterate and the elderly. You can purchase an original Nexus 7 for £140 and based upon specs and build quality alone it is worth the extra £40.

But more choices are good, right? If someone ends up getting this tablet instead of the Nexus 7, then they should have done more research to find out what tablets are better, right?

Kind of, but not everyone has the time or even know how to research tablets properly before buying. That's why everyone needs nerd friends!

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I agree. However I should have added a sarcasm tag to my post. I was pointing out the old Android talking point of "more choices are good" when the fact of the matter is that a good 80% of the choices out there are utter garbage, leaving a person having to do a bunch of research to make sure they're not stuck with a lemon. The fact that your grandma either HAS to research or rely on a nerd family member in order to not wind up with a steaming pile of junk is NOT a good thing.

Or as a tester. I bought a cheap tablet to see its worth. Then I went with the N7

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

If anything I think these cheap tablets are a bad thing... It creates a bad experience of the OS and people will think 'Oh i'm not going to upgrade to x,y,z'