Apple-HTC lawsuit

Woke up this morning. Checked the news. Yep, Apple's still suing HTC. (Have a feeling a number of people in Bellevue, Wash., did the same.) Here's a roundup of the latest in the patent battle launched by the iPhone-maker on the Taiwanese manufacturer of a large number of Android and Windows Mobile devices:

  • Google told the following statement to TechCrunch: “We are not a party to this lawsuit. However, we stand behind our Android operating system and the partners who have helped us to develop it.”
  • The New York Times' Jonathan Adams writes that the patent fight, in the long run, "could strain its relations with partners in the crucial U.S. market and test its leadership, adding to its challenges in the increasingly competitive smartphone field."
  • ZDNet's Matt Miller says "This latest lawsuit pushed me closer to NOT buying one [iPad] because I am getting a bit tired of Apple’s arrogance, even though I do really enjoy using some of their products.
  • Engadget EiC Josh Topolsky points out that HTC listed a job opening for a patent attorney back on Feb. 10.
  • PhoneDog's Noah Kravitz: Blame the patent process.
  • Developer Wil Shipley chimes in with an open letter to Apple: "Enforcing patents isn't a good long-term play: it's the beginning of the end of the creative Apple we both love."
  • More analysis from Roughly Drafter's Dan Dilger. It's good. And very, very long.

No real news today, just plenty more reaction. And, really, the emotional reaction -- whether it's rooting against Apple or for HTC -- has been a bit surprising. Makes you wonder if the response would be the same had Apple sued Motorola over its line of Android devices.


Reader comments

Apple Inc. v. HTC: Day 2


HTC responded and saying, they did not copy apple.

Some of the patents that apple has is just ridiculous. patent the method on the gesture? I think if HTC can proved that they had a product that available on the market 1 year before Apple filed their patent, HTC will win.

Again, as I keep saying, I am damn glad that we in the EU stopped companies being allowed to patent mere ideas.

Patenting actual code and copyrighting GUI designs? Fine. Patenting ideas? Hell no. We don't want this sort of junk happening in the EU, thank you very much...

Didn't HTC build the iPaq? Therefore ALL PDA devices are derived from HTC's work if you follow Apple's logic. The iPhone would suck if it were just a phone.

Smartphone has been out for so long. This is not a day that Wrights bro's family suing Boeing and Airbus for the patent of a plane.

Who the f##k wants an ipad anyway. Waste of money and so are any similar products, buy a notebook or netbook.

I remember Jobs & Wosniak got started by building "black boxes" to sell to students so they could steal long distance service. This was well publicized in their early bios as Apple became sucessful. I don't recall that either has ever repented of this theft. Jobs is about dead and yet he remains the supreme hypocrite. I doubt many of the current generation even know who Wosniak is.

I don't think Apple would be dumb enough to sue Motorola, as they have a wide portfolio of patents. I think that's why they sued HTC.

Hmm, I don't consider that last article "good". It's biased at best and stupid at worst. The writer is comparing Apple respecting IP such as songs, and tv shows, to Apple's patents which many are simply Ideas.

He calls WP7 "vaporware" when it's clearly not. He continually says that HTC and Android makers are stealing iPhone's ideas. iPhone wasn't the first all touch screen Candybar phone. The Android operating system, in very few ways even looks like an iPhone aside for the fact that it's a touch screen, and you slide your finger across it. There is more than one button, HTC Sense based handsets (including touch-flo 3D) all use a widget style interface. On top of that, the iPhone has alot of "duh, no shit" ways of handleing stuff. If Android is an iPhone rip-off, then, someone should sue Apple for "using a Numerical keypad to dial a phone number".