Apple Antennagate

Maybe Apple finally figured out how to hold a phone, or maybe it just realized it was bad PR move to begin with -- either way, all of those "tests" at showing other phones losing signal strength when held have disappeared. The videos showing the Droid X and Droid Eris supposedly crapping out remain on YouTube, however (though you do have do dig for them a bit on Apple's YouTube page), so we can still go to them for a laugh.

Guess that means we can all quit watching our bars with a worried look on our faces, eh? [via TiPB and Slashgear]


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Apple gives up trying to make other phones look bad, pulls testing page


About time....because it was really getting out of hand and stupid. One of the lamest trick I ever saw. But then again, after this whole stunt, many amateurs will probably just post video of themselves testing the whole "death grip" on every new gadget that get released. Last I check, there are many on youtube.

You are 100% correct. I think this was an attempt by Apple to make people "feel good" about their broken iPhones. "Hey, other phones have the same problem so my iPhone is a-ok". It just leaves people in denile about their purchase. Apple truly knows how to create iZombies.

Fail APPLE you fail!! Big time. I personally did not know that web site existed. Bad sport apple you suck.

Its nice to see them grow up a little. Hopefully now they work on a true fix for the phone and not just put a case on it. Other wise I'm sure people will return more of them for a galaxy s. Wait what am I talking about the lemmings will just brag about their awesome case on their iPhone with the wifis and more gbs. Lol

Well I just tested the Droid and I don't see any variation of bars, guess that is why Apple didn't show a test comparison with it. Lame Apple attempt at deflecting criticism and issues.

This was a classic case of "I'm drowning, so I'll try and take everyone down with me". Very lame attempt, because who's squeezing their phone that tight when they use it? Nobody. So in closing I have one question to ask Steve Jobs. Now that you've rushed you phone to market to beat the evo, what did u gain?

They rushed it out to try and beat the EVO, and it still didn't. Now its going to be even farther behind it with froyo coming out.
I lost all respect for Apple when they started the I'm a mac, commercials, makes me think of election times lots of mudslinging, and bogus facts.

I understand companies trying to sell product although their attempt to throw Droid under the bus not only made Apple look completely desperate but has ended in an epic fail!

Didn't the Eris have an issue displaying bars properly? That was my first question when watching

Also, Droid X - no issues here

coming from an iPhone 3g, I can say that it was and is a great phone. Sometimes phones have major problems. If holding it the wrong way bugs you guys, then I don't suggest ever trying to keep a pre from going berserk after a month and a half of use.

On the other hand, I still love my mac (mostly because I can run both Windows 7 AND Mac OS X), and loved the jailbreak community, but without open source, it just seemed like it was drowning and Apple just produces a shinier version every year so people won't get bored with it and switch to Android (like I did.) Now I have a Moment, and tbqh I've had more fun with my moment than I ever could have imagined with my iPhone. GOODBYEEEEEE IPHONE, HELLOOOOOO ANDROID!

Maybe Apple final figured out it was never about Death Grip, but rather it was about Death Touch.

They've never been able to find any other phone where a single finger knocks it off the air.

After they have successfully made themselves the laughing stock of the industry they're throwing in the towel.

I'm pretty sure they're well aware of that, they were just trying to cloud the issue and confuse consumers with this whole death grip business. It was a misinformation campaign, period. Just like the bar adjustment, yes they actually made 'em more accurate, but at the same time they also made AT&T look worse... And neither was gonna have an impact on the whole antennagate issue, they were just trying to deflect blame.

I was hoping they'd get to the EVO w/those videos, since the antenna is on the topmost right corner, it'd be pretty hilarious to try and see them death gripping it by the top. There's virtually no way to hold it and block the antenna (much less death grip it) unless you're holding it in landscape. WiFi's on the bottom tho, but it doesn't seem to be nearly as impacted by hands as the cellular antenna.

This is a post one of my friends put on facebook I though it was funny

hates iPhone with all of it's updates and deleting my memos and texts. Who has 3 hrs to sit while their phone updates!

Make no mistake about it. The iPhone changed the game, and set the bar for handset makers. But the redundancy of the iPhone gets boring fast. The screen can't be changed aside for moving icons, and no widget support. I'd be willing to bet that if you give an Dinc., evo, Droid x or any other top Android handset to every iPhone user, more than half would convert to Android.

Android needs widgets because the stock UI is so awful.
People have had plenty of opportunity to convert to Android from iPhone and it's just not happening. Also iPhone satisfaction is much higher than Android phones on every survey done. In europe most carriers have the iPhone and Android is in a distant second place. The same will be true here when the iPhone gets on more carriers unless Google fixes the UI and media syncing and playback. Maybe Gingerbread will proved that and maybe not.
So you can go with facts and reality or just believe what you want. Your choice.
Most people don't want to mess around with their phones. They just want them to work.

Converting from iPhone to android Not happening?

Who are you kidding? The numbers don't support your self delusion.

There is noting wrong with the UI of Android. And there is noting close to widgets in iPhone. Putting you hands over your ears and singing loudly won't make these facts go away.

Maybe one of these days the forum commenters and Android owners will get over their juvenile attitude towards Apple. Constantly bringing up Apple makes you sound jealous and unsure about your choice of Android. Just get over it and enjoy what you have. I have both a Droid X and an iPhone 4. I can easily make them both attenuate but neither is an issue in real life use. i also used to work at Motorola and I can assure you they know you can attenuate the phone. Or you can just look at the many You Tube videos showing Droid X owners attenuating their phones. Or you can just pretend like it's not real and make silly comments about Apple. Whatever makes you feel good.

Just because you used to be a janitor for Motorola doesn't mean you can put a single finger on any Motorola phone and cause it do drop calls.

Funny. I was thinking the same thing about the legion of iTards out there who would buy anything Apple made even if it was a block of wood. You people are pathetic. You intentionally shackle yourselves to a platform where Unkie Steve tells you what you can and can't install. Unkie Steve puts DRM in the accessories so only approved Apple accessories can be used. Where Unkie Steve tells you to hold your phone this way and if you aren't..... well you are doing it wrong. In short. Instead of doing things YOUR way. Apple is telling you how to do thing like the good little cattle you are. MOOOO Mr iTard. Moooo.

Are you serious. Most iPhone users arnt even aware that Android exist. further more Android really just became well known with the release of the droid. and I believe that was last year. So you are so so wrong. I've owned every iPhone except the iPhone 4. I can speak for my self when I say I prefer android over ios. Also music isn't the most important thing on a phone. Most people would like to make a call or two lol. I think even you iPhone zombies can agree. oh yeah those YouTube post on the death grip is complete bs, because like I said, nobody holds their phone that tight lol. and while I'm on a roll, Android doesn't need to tweek its UI, who uses it ahhh MOTO blur, sense.....need I go on

Their site boosts about how much money, time and manpower is put in too researching and developing their phones in various locations and in their state-of-the-art $100 million dollar test lab and yet this antenna issue wasn't discovered until after release? uh, okay....

I want a tee shirt with the Bears saying:

Sales Bear: And the Evo can make a phone call.

Apple Drone Bear: I don't care!


Aw man, I'm going to miss all of the no jacket required ads! I love the pic on Motorola's Home Page.