You might remember last month when we talked about AppBrain's new Fast Web Install, the application that allows you to install applications from the Android Market directly to your phone right from the AppBrain web page. 

That just got waaay cooler.  AppBrain announced it has enabled extensions that allow a new Fast Web install link to be placed on any web page.  When the link is visited from your Android phone, you go directly to the application's Market page, but the real trick happens when you visit from your computer.  Rather that talk about it, have a look.  Visit the link below from your PC's browser.

Download the Android Central Widget

I know we'll be using the heck out of this new service, and I'll bet developers will, too. [AppBrain]

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dustinfrank says:

now THAT is one-stop shopping!! They're practically begging Google to buy them out.

mothy says:

Doesn't work on my phone, it is trying to use my google apps acount while my appbrain account is a standard gmail account. Tried clearing the cache and re installed no luck

MowDownJoe says:

You know what's odd? Using Send to Phone (the Firefox extension based on Chrome to Phone), I can't send market links, but I can send those AppBrain install links. Ah, well... take what you can get.

umbrella man says:

Iss it like android2cloud ?the new thing they got?

Leif says:

Meh...I don't really like it. (For me anyway) All it seems to be is just a popup with an install link and a QR code, both of which were on the webpage already. I'm perfectly capable of clicking on an install link thank you...I don't need a giant popup saying CLICK HERE!!!.