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Google Play Music

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Google Play Music is a multi-use app that both comes as a pre-installed music app on all Google-certified Android devices but can also be installed and updated from the Play Store on older devices. It works with music files that have been loaded on your phone manually, with streaming from your own collection uploaded to Google Play Music, with purchased music from the Play Store or even through a paid monthly subscription service to access even more music.

All Access is Google's subscription music service that lives within Google Play Music, giving users access to millions of songs for a flat monthly fee of $10. Those who subscribe to Google Play Music All Access have the ability to stream, download, create playlists and share tracks, regardless of whether they actually own them or are simply accessing them with their monthly subscription. All Access can be used across 10 devices tied to a single account, but playback is limited to one device at a time.

Google Play Music has evolved pretty dramatically since its first unveiling in mid-2011 when it came as an invite-only service, but is well-regarded as being a great all-in-one app choice for music lovers of all kinds. On September 29, 2015, Google announced the Google Play Music Family Plan, which allows families to use the service on up to six devices for $14.99 per month.


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Trip Advisor Google Play Music partnership

TripAdvisor is offering a two month trial of Google Play Music for using its app

If you are not already a Google Play Music subscriber, you'll want to check out this offer from TripAdvisor. The travel planning company is offering two free months of the music streaming service just for checking out its Android app. That's right, download the app, tap on the Play Music badge and...
Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool, is now available on Google Play Music

Radiohead's 'A Moon Shaped Pool' is now available on Google Play Music

Radiohead's latest album, A Moon Shaped Pool, is now available on Google Play Music. The band's first album in five years was released over the weekend, and you can purchase it from Google for $11.49, or listen as part of your Google Play Music All Access subscription. In addition to Google...
Google dedicates a radio station to John Williams for Star Wars Day

Google Play Music celebrates Star Wars Day with a John Williams radio station

It's May 4, known to many fans as "Star Wars Day," and Google is celebrating with a new radio station in Google Play Music. The Galaxy of John Williams plays music from movies scored by John Williams, the legendary film composer, responsible for the music not only of Star Wars, the Harry Potter...
Podcasts in Google Play Music: It's better than nothing

Podcasts in Google Play Music: It's better than nothing

After more than 3 years, podcasts are back on Google's radar. So why did it launch with so much room for improvement? Once upon a time Google had a little app for listening to podcasts. It was called Google Listen, and it lived alongside other podcast apps during a time of great peace and...
How to use podcasts in Google Play Music for Android

How to use podcasts in Google Play Music for Android

Google Play Music has podcasts, oh my! Google Play Music has podcasts, oh my! In the next logical step of the evolution of Google Play Music, Google has added podcasts to the concoction. Now, from within the Google Play Music app, you can search and stream all your favorite podcasts. There's no...
How to use Podcasts in Google Play Music on the web

How to use Podcasts in Google Play Music on the web

Finally! You can now subscribe and listen to your favorite podcasts with Google Play Music. First it was its own streaming service and now Google Play Music has evolved to include podcasts in its library. Gone are the days of needing a third party app to subscribe and listen to your favorite...
Podcasts in Google Play Music

Podcasts are now available in Google Play Music

Google has officially started rolling out podcasts as a new feature of Google Play Music. Launching today on both the web and in the Android app, you'll be able to discover, subscribe, and listen to your favorite podcasts right in the same place you already listen to music. Beyond searching for...
AC Podcasts

Podcasts may come to Google Play Music on April 18

We've known for a while podcasts are on their way to Google Play Music, but we may now have a date to look forward to: April 18. Oddly, the date comes from an email that NPR sent out to members (via Android Police), which notes the network's podcasts will be available on Google Play Music when the...
Google Play Music update on Android Auto

Android Auto update removes interaction limit on Google Play Music when your car is parked

Android Auto, since launch, has always limited user interactions with the screen to just six taps. That is, until today, when an Android Auto app update made a big improvement by letting you interact with your Google Play Music as much as you want ... so long as your car is parked. After being...
Shazam Google Play

Shazam now lets you purchase 'shazamed' songs directly from Google Play Music

Shazam has announced the launch of the Google Play Music Hub. This new feature enables consumers who have shazamed music on their Android-powered smartphone to stream and purchase said songs from the Google Play Store. As well as playing and buying individual tracks, the new hub will also allow a...
Google Play Music

After 90 days with Google's Play Music Family Plan, I'm not turning back

Change is rarely easy, and for some reason that is doubly true of music services. My home is something of a digital mess. Between the two girls who love their iPods, the boy who only really cares about Minecraft and Terraria, the guy who moved everything from Android to iOS last year, the spouse...
Google Play Music

Play Music Valentine's Day subscription offer will surely get your heart racing

Google has slashed its pricing for Play Music gift subscriptions, offering a 50-percent discount for those looking to woo their love interest with the sound of One Direction. The best part is while this is an offer for gifting the subscription to someone else this weekend, you can also gift...



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Google Play Music


Before the latest update, this app was phenomenal. Since the update, it keeps opening on its own and burning through my battery life. I even tried forcing it closed, but after about ten minutes it turns itself back on in the background. Is there any way this issue can be addressed in short order. I love this app and really do not want to uninstall it.

yes i like the app, but in the earlier version this app have got a auto off option, which i use it often in nyt. right now i could not find the same. kindly consider this in the next update.

I couldn't get on Google play as long as I've had my ph ( almost a year)so I'm always trying to Pandora but I can't even get on that BC Google play issues.