HTC Legend

Yep, there it is. Another look at the HTC Legend, which appears destined to replace the venerable Hero. And with a new picture comes new specs: A 3.2-inch AMOLED screen at half-VGA, a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, aGPS, 3.5mm headphone jack, a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor at 600MHz, and the other usual bells and whistles.

The processor keeps it from being in the top tier of Android phones, but it's certainly still up there, and an AMOLED screen can make up for a lot. No word, however, on availability or pricing. [Twitter via AndroidCommunity]

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wtf happened to snapdragon now its not even worth the amoled screen

Google God says:

The HTC Legend is set to land in March 2010 according to the slides, which puts it in for an appearance post the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona from 15th – 18th February.

Manny says:

Trick of the light, or is there a chin?

corydunbar says:

their is a chin, and its horrendous.

thebizz says:

not interested no snap no deal I need something more capable than my current phine

darreno1 says:

Fugly, and what's with the huge chin? Even Jay Leno is like, WTF?

ThEuNdYiNg1 says:

go kill yourself, the sprint hero is ugly as hell, the euro hero is a beast dude, you must be american to think that (i'm european but i was raised in the us) and we been making horrible decisions

If not for the lip I would really like it. The Sprint Hero is so much prettier than the European one.

estrouse says:

I can honestly say I have the Sprint Hero, and with automatic google sync shut off, the 528 MHz processor causes the phone to run exceptionally smooth with every screen animation responding/transitioning exactly how it should - give it a shot, and tell me you don't experience the same... I've heard, although cannot confirm, that the Moto Droid has some hiccups here and there as well. Do you feel as though it has something to do with Google's background syncing?

However, I do have to say, if 1 GHz processors are becoming the standard, the 600 MHz does sound less appealing - but if it's not needed, the above wouldn't be half bad. Right?

p says:

incredible? or legend? or invincible?

why cant htc give us snapdragon this is bullshit

corydunbar says:

that would jump the cost up, and it would counter act the N1 being their flagship. So no phone in the near future is going to match the specs of the N1

corydunbar says:

this phone is just a G1 on steroids.

JNsince1985 says:

Looks just like the Euro-Hero which is not a bad thing. Not really feeling the specs on it tho. Would be a good beginner Android phone for at&t customers/beginners.

ThEuNdYiNg1 says:

those of you who think this is going to sprint, u were lucky as hell to even get the hero do not expect this on sprint AT&T, T-mobile yh but not sprint or Verizon (cdma pieces of shit)

Anonymous says:

is this going to sprint? it would be nice, we would have the hero, supersonic, and the legend! oh....dont forget about the moment..oops