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Only days after the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live retail launch there's another Android Wear firmware update starting to hit devices, and it seems Samsung's smartwatch is first with the new build. Multiple Gear Live owners have told us they're receiving a small over-the-air update to build number KMV78X, from the earlier KMV78V.

It's not yet clear what's new in this latest build, but it's possible it has something to do with addressing the recently-discovered bug with paid apps on Android Wear. (Update: Nope.) So far there are no reports of the LG G Watch receiving the KMV78X update, though assuming this patch doesn't just address Gear-specific issues, the LG-built watch should follow in short order.

Android Wear owners can go to Settings > About > System updates to see if their update is ready yet. Be sure to shout out in the comments if you're already updated.

via Android Central forums; Thanks Bryan!


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Another Android Wear update is now rolling out


That watchface looks very nice... I wonder how much space will these updates take over time. These devices do have very limited space, after all.

Sounds to me Google rushed out Wear like they always do with their updates. Always a bug problem unchecked. Didn't they test this?

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Because no other software company in the history of ever has ever released anything with bugs. It just doesn't happen with anyone but Google.


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LMAO... I know. A first generation product with a couple of bugs, what is Google thinking? Nothing like putting out a 4th generation problem and having massive issues with the antenna! Give me a break.

Just got my update a few minutes ago on my Samsung. I don't see much difference but I also have only had the watch since Monday and haven't really played a ton so I could miss just about anything on it. :)

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I got my Gear Live on Monday and I have not been able to get all of the apps that I have downloaded to show up in the Start section. Has anyone else had this problem? I was hoping this update would fix that, but it didn't.

I noticed i could long press the watch face to change it instead of going to settings . Nothing else stood out. At least it wasn't there when i got the first update after powering on my Galaxy Gear Live.