Anker Astro 3

Astro3 offers 80-percent efficiency and charging for three devices at once

Anker, maker of phone accessories and backup batteries, has just announced its most efficient mobile battery to date -- the Astro3. This 12,000mAh battery pack, which Anker calls "flask sized" (4.4 x 3.3 x 1-inches), offers charging for three devices simultaneously over USB. The pack outputs up to 4a in total across the ports, meaning you'll have more than enough juice to power a tablet and two phones if necessary. There is also a circular LED power indicator that shows how much power is left in the pack, which is a nice touch.

Anker says that the Astro3 is the highest efficiency backup battery it has made, with 80-percent efficiency on its capacity offering a quoted 6-7 charges for most modern phones before it has to be recharged itself. For the road warriors among us this would be a great solution. The Astro3 is retailing for $49.99 and can be purchased from Amazon at the source link below.

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The new Astro3 activates with a shake to power up mobile devices at the fastest possible speed

Santa Clara, Calif. – July 23, 2013 – Anker, creator of reliable, affordable electronic accessories and support devices, introduces the second generation Astro3 external battery, now available at The flask-sized Astro3 packs a high-capacity 12,000mAh battery that can charge to up to three mobile devices simultaneously with its highest-in- the-industry 4A current capacity. The versatile external battery pack has three USB ports including a Smart Port that identifies the type of device that is plugged in and then adjusts to deliver its fastest charge speed. The second generation Astro3 is the first to feature a single port that can offer full-speed, fast charges to both iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The two additional ports offer universal charging for Android phones at maximum speed and are also compatible with iPhones and other 5V USB-charging devices. The Astro3 can deliver six to seven full charges for most smartphones and offers a quick, energy-efficient power boost to keep you connected at all times.

The matte black, button-free Astro3 features a minimalist and intuitive design that complements your existing products. Simply shake the lightweight, compact device to start a charge or see the battery’s remaining power level. Small circular LED power indicators dial down so users know at a glance exactly how much juice is left.

“As part of our flagship line of Astro External Batteries, the new Astro3 is easy-to-use, affordable and bridges the Apple / Android divide to deliver truly full-speed charges no matter the device,” said Steven Yang, Anker Founder and Chairman. “To do this, the battery pack features a unique smart chip that adjusts USB pin signals to access and accommodate the connected mobile device's true full-speed charging current.”

With an energy efficiency rate 10 percent higher than other external batteries, Astro3 uses smart chip technology to determine full charging speeds, delivering more than 50 hours of talk time for smartphones.


12000mAh capacity output
5V/4A total current capacity input
Size: 4.4 x 3.3 x 1 inches
Weight: 10.6 ounces
Charges most smartphones 6-7 times
Ultra-high energy efficiency (80%)
Astro3 is available in black on for $49.99, with an accessory bag included.  Astro3 is compatible with  iPhone 5, 4S, 4; Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2; iPad 4, 3, 2, iPad Mini; Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Note 8; HTC One, EVO, Thunderbolt, Incredible, Droid DNA; Motorola ATRIX, Droid; Google Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and LG Optimus, among other devices.

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About Anker®

Anker, creator of reliable, affordable electronic accessories and support devices, was founded in 2008 by a group of ex-Googlers who set out to design dependable technology products with a commitment to getting it right through constant improvement.  With an extensive line of products including external batteries, keyboards & mice, USB 3.0 products, adapters and Bluetooth devices, Anker continues to design new products  to make life easier, more convenient and  less consumed by the day-to-day. For more information, visit 

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Would be perfect for nexus 4..

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Sam Brooks says:

Just got the Limeade Blast 18000mAh L180X off Amazon, it works great with the Nexus 4. Can't wait to try it with the new Nexus 7. The Astro3 looks like a interesting product though, the three USB outputs could come in handy.

jian9007 says:

I love my current Anker 10000mAh portable so it's time for an upgrade to this. And for $49.99, you can't beat it. Use the 10000mAh with my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 currently, and it works great.

Droid Brick says:

I also have the 10,000mah version. It works great. For this price, I would recommend this to everyone. I may even grab one as well.

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I just got the 10,000mah too, Amazon for $39.99 with free shipping.

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talonsmith says:

I could have used this during the Hurricane Sandy blackouts

bacalao says:

Wish it could charge my phone wirelessly. I have the 10,000 one and it has saved my butt more than a couple times

Posted via Android Central App

Wireless charging is a lot less efficient.

Posted via Android Central App

DroidTomTom says:

That would be cool if the top surface had built in Qi charging. You could simply have a button to turn that function off or on. It would extend the functionality of this by using it both as a wireless charger and as an aux charger.

Very cool indeed! A few friends of line just bought the previous generation of this and they love it. I may invest in one of these - my battery life has taken a turn for the short since starting to play Ingress :-D

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anon6085909 says:

*sigh* Canadians left out in the cold again. T^T

BigDinCA says:

True, but you have Tim Horton's and we don't.

Posted via Android Central App

flexfield says:

I'd trade to get a Tim Horton's in Seattle. Good thing Vancouver BC is close!

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kewlgreen says:

That's true. LMAO.

You can get a U/L approved charger and portable power bank - the Fujicell 500F with up to 11,200 mah for just 17.98 on eBay works with I-Phone 4s , Ipod, Ipad and any number of different phones of devices with micro USB ports.

It is on eBay and I think it is on Amazon too.

Cannot understand why anyone would pay more???

Ry says:

I got a different 12,000 mAh battery pack. Came in handy during those Comic-Con lines.

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Anyone no how I can get one of these in Australia?

Teejai80 says:

Plus one to that.

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mhinc says:

Too bad the only place to order it from American Amazon. aka Rape Canadians for Shipping, brokerage and taxes.
How long until we see this on the Canadian Shop Android?

Ordered mine last night. Thanks for the tip

Ordered mine last night. Thanks for the pro-tip.

flychinook says:

Aww man, I just bought the 13000 mah one, this one looks a little nicer...

The design aspect is what motivated me to buy this one.. I was going for 15000mah before.. Waiting for my delivery to arrive.. :)

suredrift says:

I wonder when these battery manufacturers will make a 12,000mAh battery for cellphones in a slim factor using some sort of new technology. They have lagged behind for years and its very disappointing. All these devices and nothing to power them efficiently.

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mightyfo says:

What the hell, not available anywhere now. I lost my last external Betsy charger, icarrier 12,000mah. It was kind of a brick but dam it was great. Would love to get this Anker now, for N4, N7, and Glass.

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I purchased mine last month from Seriously great battery! Lasts forever i.e. can fully recharge my Galaxy S4 at least 7 times!