Angry Birds Go

Kart racer from Rovio launches today

Mobile gaming giant Rovio has launched its latest title on Android and iOS today. Anry Birds Go is a free "kart" racer based in the Angry Birds universe, featuring feathered friends from the popular artillery shooter. If you've played Mario Kart or any similar titles you'll know what to expect here — fast-paced 3D racing with a focus on power-ups and weapons, featuring familiar characters (birds and pigs, in this case.) There's a variety of game modes to choose from besides a straight-up race to the finish, including Time Boom, Fruit Splat, Champion Chase and Mega Match.

Naturally you can also upgrade your vehicles by earning points in-game or buying them through in-app purchases — and you can add more characters to the game by capturing Rovio "Telepod" toys with your devie's camera. The base game itself, however, is completely free, and it's available now at the Google Play link above.


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Angry Birds Go now available on Google Play


got to love posts at 3:45 am to keep my night shifts moving along and now a new game to mess around with until i leave... thanks!

A lot of people on here are probably going to flame you for saying this, but I'm in the same boat. The friggin N7 is just over a year old. I seriously hope they're going to update the game with more compatibility, because an omission like the OGN7 (the first crazy-popular capable Android tab) is huge.


It works fine on mine, too - but not officially. AppMonster FTW.

Of course, the resolution is not pretty, but it's playable and fun.

No Play games services no download. Why is it such a problem for devs to implement this?

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Not all of them really care to. Not that it's difficult. Also by them not syncing your progress when you start over on another device there is a chance you will do in app purchasing and they will make more money.

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Hmmmm fair point. I like the Play Games integration though. I think all games should have it in my opinion.

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It was also released for Blackberry. It is very strange that this Mobile Nations site only mentions it was released for Android and iOS.

Soooooo funny...ha ha ha....I have the Z30 amazing phone and Nexus 7 Tablet love android as a tablet but as a phone no way :). I am not a troll since I use both android and BB10 OS both with cons and pros and have the Android Central app on my BB Z30 dont knock something until you've tried it (BB10)

Strange, the link above works but it's not showing up in search on the Google Play store on any of my devices or online. BTW, the link from here works only on my laptop, not on my phone or tablets.

Kind of off topic, but thank you for providing the whole story, as in also saying it is out for iOS. I know this is an Android site, but I don't like having to look around to see if it's exclusive or not.

Not sure if I want to play on my phone, so I might sideload it to my 2012 Nexus 7 after having downloaded to my phone. I wonder why it's not compatible to begin with. Maybe the processor?

Bad game imo, nothing like a kart game.. Only 1 lap, no grand prix mode, I think only 1 track atm really and iap pricing is a joke for some things.. You could buy 2 full ps4 games for the price of 1 kart lol

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Angry birds is goooone! Badland is where it's @ now but keep milking that dead cow Rovio

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