SMS2PC - Send and receive SMS messages from your computer.

Like I mentioned in the Nov. 19 edition of our Editors' App Picks, I send a lot of text messages.  Maybe not as much as some of you, but, it's not uncommon for me to have used over 3,000 text messages each month.

If you're a heavy texter who spends a substantial portion of your day in front of a computer, you might be surprised how much you'll enjoy SMS2PC.  Respond quicker, and type faster -- without ever having to pick up your phone.

Join me after the break to dive a little deeper into SMS2PC, and get some download links.

SMS2PC - Send and receive SMS messages from your computer.

After you've downloaded SMS2PC from the market, the next step is to grab the desktop client for your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC from developer Scott Straughan's website.  The installation is easy, and it provides some simple instructions on how to get SMS2PC up and running.  After you've installed the desktop software, in most cases, you're finished.  I use SMS2PC on two different computers, on two different WiFi networks, and in both cases, after I installed the desktop client, it was ready to go.  It paired itself with the app on my Evo without me specifying any IP address, port forwarding, or making it search for my device.  It just installs, and then begins working instantly.

SMS2PC - Send and receive SMS messages from your computer.

Once it's running, all messages will be pushed to your computer, and appear in an instant message type window, accompanied by a customizable audio alert.  At this point, it doesn't even feel like you're texting anymore.  It really feels like you're just chatting away in an instant message.

SMS2PC - Send and receive SMS messages from your computer.

To compose a new SMS message, simply double click its tray icon to pull up your contact list, and either begin typing a recipient's name to filter out your contacts, select a person from the list, or manually type in a phone number.

SMS2PC - Send and receive SMS messages from your computer.

It really is that simple.  It doesn't support MMS messages, and sometimes you might encounter connectivity issues, but that's always remedied by a quick reboot of my phone.  After that, it should be all set for the rest of your texting session.  Any issues I've ever encountered came after long periods of non-use (i.e., overnight).

And now the good news.  At the moment, SMS2PC will cost you $3.95, which is a great price for an app that I get plenty of use out of.  However, Scott Straughan recently announced on his blog that SMS2PC's price will drop to free-ninety-free, and will become open-source.  Furthermore, he promised an update that will address some bugs, improve WiFi connectivity, and introduce Bluetooth support.  Scott informed me that he's hoping to have the update live in two weeks, and within a week or two after that, he hopes to make it open source and drop its price to $0.  So keep your eye on this app, because it's only going to get better.

In short, I love this app.  There are alternatives on the market, but SMS2PC stands above the competition.  Its ease of use, simple installation, and great functionality make it the right one for me.  It's not without its slight bugs, but it works very well, and I wish I'd discovered it sooner.  This is definitely one of those "Look what my phone can do" apps.

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gcims says:

i have seen people do this but never have myself. So here goes....FIRST.
OK glad the lameness is out of my system.

morellox says:

I LOVE having this option at work, except I use Texdro, Pro version over USB debugging, the Free version uses Wifi and worked just as well though.

Tried this one at home at had trouble connecting. great concept.

etnpnys says:

"...sometimes you might encounter connectivity issues, but that's always remedied by a quick reboot of my phone."

lol - are you using a G2? My phone takes a solid 5 minutes to reboot... But then again, my phone is a little dated (Sprint Hero with CM6.1).

Additionally, this would be nice if you have WiFi access on your phone and your laptop everywhere - but at work, I can't connect my phone to the internal VPN.

ben dover says:

this is most likely a stupid question but an important one:

the phone keeps the messages in the message app right? so if I'm txting from my pc and have to head out, I can see every message sent and received from my pc on my phone still?

I'll use the crap out of this app if so!

Jesse Potter says:


Thirtysixway says:

So should I be paying 4 bucks for it now, or wait two weeks and get it free?

skaorsk8 says:

Please - this isn't new. I did this back in 2002 with StumbleInside's GoText and my Motorola iDEN i90. Any hardcore HowardForums people remember that from back in the day?

Go Android! says:

Wow you're cool.

xmi says:

Well, I have tried this and as all the other similar tools, it didn't work in my University network... Is there any way to connect them if they are in different networks?

icebike says:

Most of the people I text with have android phone.
We use Google talk.

Cheaper, world wide, has desktop clients, had iphone client, not limited to small message size, delivers messages now instead of several hours from now, and it's interoperable with jabber.

The idea is to stop paying carriers for ripoff texting plans, not to burn more of them.

Nirvana328 says:

Good point & the same can be said for other apps like Kik or Google Voice. But as far as I've seen most mobile plans that include data already have some sort of texting included. How did you get around that?

mnguyea says:

I have been using this app since it came out a while ago. It was one of the first apps to use this. Not sure how I even found it but thought it was pretty cool. It has evolved substantially and the developer is quite nice/responsive also. I've recommended this a couple other friends and they love it.

I use it at home when I'm connected to wifi and makes it so much easier to type on a keyboard.

BigTex says:

I currently use EasySMS and LOVE IT! Due to reception issues I can typically use my phone at my desk. EASYSMS solved the problem. I paid for the full version but this interface looks even better. May have to try it out.

Wolfee57 says:

Can you PRINT context of your text messages, along with date and time stamp? Often need to present text messages for court purposes. Looking for a good program for this, must be able to get date and time sent/received correctly.

forbdnbehr says:

Ok, does anyone happen to know if this will work alongside with Remote Notifiers??? or will I have to use one or the other??

OneFoot#AC says:

Seems to work fine with sms popup

smccloud says:

I'm still waiting for this to become free. Been a couple weeks since announced and still not :(

OneFoot#AC says:

How about not being stingy and buying it?

JagoX says:

...or how about the dev keep to his word and do what he said he would do. If you make an announcement like that then change your mind but don't tell the community then people have the right to complain.