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Android Quick App: QuickPic


The app called 'Desktop VizualizeR' is handy: first you select what app you want to open(QuickPic), then you select what icon you want to use... so you can use existing icons from your phone (default android photo icon) or any icon you downloaded.

Fun app -- on my Xoom, I use the Chrome icon to launch Dolphin HD browser.

I tried this yesterday on my transform and it seemed cool but whenever I used pinch zoom too fast it would just turn the screen black and restart. Ill try it on my Epic today and see if it was a hardware limitation or the app.

I just wish it would default to Quickpic from the camera app itself, other than that, it is an amazing app.

This was my go-to gallery app on the EVO 4G, but I had to retire it after upgrading to the EVO 3D because it doesn't support 3D pictures (.mpo files). I'll write the developer and ask when that will happen, because I really like QuickPic.

I must add, the stock Gallery app on the EVO 3D isn't bad.

I was thinking the same thing!!! I have been using QuickPic since it was 1st mentioned by AndroidCentral....I love it, but like you said, the stock Gallery on my EVO 3D is just as fast & offers a lot of things the stock Gallery on the EVO 4G did not.

Plus, we are now able to view our Picasa Web Gallery....couldn't do that before. So, I may just stick with stock until QuickPic can offer me more!

The stock Gallery app has ALWAYS had Picasa web viewing.

This is really great, until you find yourself on some rural EDGE or GPRS connection and you have to go to airplane mode just to even Look at your pictures. There is no way to tell it to view only LOCAL pictures.

Having QuickPic on as a backup is nice because it ignores Picasa.

This isn't a complete replacement as it doesn't show Picasa galleries. And mine defaults from the camera, photo and video. (froyo)

I use "JustPictures" to be able to access Picassa albums and Tumblr album and use QuickPic as my main photo app. Love both of them! :) You can also access Smugmug, Flickr, Facebook albums, Photobucket, Windows Live and Imgur with JustPictures as well.

I just discovered JustPictures and it's marvelous. I was using QuickPic, too, but the way JP handles my Flickr and Facebook photos so quickly makes it a winner. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to show people photos in the stock Sense Gallery app and had to wait forever for the images to show in high resolution. Argh! I just wish JP could look at other people's Flickr and Facebook photos as well.

Just downloaded it on my EVO and I'm really impressed with the speed of the thumbnail caching!

Still have to give it a full run-through, but impressive at first sight!

Thanks for the recommendation!

QuickPic is awsome and has been my Gallery replacement for a long time because Gallery is not capable to handle big photo collections as mine but QuickPic does the trick.

+1 on QuickPic. It loaded my entire photo collection (14GB, ~4k photos (mostly 10MP) in 75 folders) relatively quickly, way faster than the stock Gallery.

I have been using QuickPic since I got my first android. I have the Droid 2 Global and the stock gallery is complete garbage, especially in landscape mode. (Having to scroll through your entire photo album basically one photo at a time)

I don't see why a massive company like Motorola can't develop a speedy, easy to use application like quickpic and load it onto their phones instead.

The main problem with Quick Pic is the same problem with the stock Android Gallery: It doesn't understand what a DIRECTORY is.

I don't know why it was decided that all picture displaying programs should collapse all subdirectories and just display everything at once, but it is just unacceptable if you have any number of pictures that are properly organized.

I did contact the author of Quick Pics months ago and he does seem interested in fixing it. But he also says "it is hard" and he has since released several updates that still do not address the issue.

On my phone & Xoom - QuickPic displays the directory pathway..,


each group is separate and clicking on the one picture takes me to that folder.

Yours doesn't do that?

That is only one level of directories, I have several. The gallery apps out there only understand one level. What if you had this:


Try it- it won't work. Everything will be compressed into a single location or two at most.

One thing the review left out is that you can hide folders from both QP and the stock viewer app and even require a password to unhide them.

Quicpic doesn't read geotags properly in Maps. I contacted the developer and he said he used code that works with third party maps instead. He didn't say which mapping apps. He also said he won't fix it to work with Google Maps while accusing me of "bullying a poor developer" for telling him that I think it's silly to not prioritize support for the native apps.


Oh this program RAWKS! So much faster than gallery, none of the stupid accelerometer aware BS draining battery, and actually takes up the WHOLE SCREEN on my Nook Color rooted.