There are now over 30,000 apps in Android Market. Which is amazingly awesome considering there were only 16,000 apps in Android Market in December 2009. That means that apps in Android Market have nearly doubled in just three months -- that's a pretty good growth rate if you ask us. That said, "apps" also include widgets, skins, themes, keyboards and 2,354 "Sexy Lady No. 24" apps. So there are "apps," and then there are "apps."

However, we'll play the numbers game. As more Android devices come about and more people jump to Android, we expect that number to only grow bigger and bigger. We welcome all you new Android users with open arms. [via mobilecrunch]


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Android Market has 30,000 apps, sort of


Give me 100 QUALITY apps vs thousands of crappy and useless apps. Who cares. This whole which "market" has more apps thing is ridiculous.

They really need to upgrade the Android Market experience. Having to slog through tons of worthless apps because there aren't enough categories and having pricing in dollars, pounds, yen, etc. is really shameful. Especially now that Android is getting into more and more users' hands. No wonder they don't really advertise it.

@ William: I think the way they have it now isn't THAT bad. AppAware and other apps allow you to see what apps are hot and what aren't. Before that, I allways check online at Androlib and click on the top of the day tab. You will see that people in general will narrow the selection down for ya mate! ;) Cheers! and Happy hunting!