Bord chalkboard for Android Central

Here's a nice little Honeycomb-optimized chalkboard called, appropriately enough, Bord. As far as virtual chalkboards go, Bord works quite nicely. You've got six colors and three sizes from which to choose, and you can have either a green board or black board. There's a sponge for, erm, sponging, and you can load and save your drawings, and even play them back in real time. Or, you can share over e-mail or Facebook. Cleanup's simple -- just shake the board.

Best part is that it's free, though the in-app ad is pretty annoying, at least visually. Bord is definitely worth taking a look at, though. We've got download links after the break.


Reader comments

Android Kids App: Bord Chalkboard


Nice.I got it downloaded, and I think it will be a big hit at my house. Of course it's just one more reason for my kids to take my tablet. I appreciate all the kid centric apps Phil has been featuring lately since it can be hard at times to separate the quality apps from the crapps.

Does not state that it needs access to contact data in the permissions. My son probably would've loved this app, but without expressly stating which permissions the app needs, not sure what else dev has decided not to tell. Uninstalled.

"Or, you can share over e-mail or Facebook"

I wonder what it could want permission to access contacts for... *Face Palm*