The great thing about having an open market is that apps that might not be accepted in other app stores have a clear path for release in Android Market. For example, there are emulators galore for the iPhone yet you won't find them in the App Store, you'll have to jailbreak it to take advantage. With the T-Mobile G1 and Android? Well you can download a Game Boy Emulator right in Android Market. Hint: It's called AndroidBoy.

AndroidBoy is a fairly basic emulator that supports Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. There doesn't look to be a d-pad so the controls may be a little different than what you're used to. Either way, emulators are fun so go have fun and download AndroidBoy!


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Al says:

Awesome ! Thanks

Anonymous says:

Where can i download this? Its not on Market.

Anonymous says:

Not on market

Playedonline says:

That's it, I'm selling my Iphone and getting a Nexus :)
No seriously, do you think this Android is going anywhere?

AndroidBoy is one of my favorite game and I would like to get some new and latest updates about the same. I think this is the best resource of that.

rotem says:

for some reason i can not find the AndroidBoy on the market can you please let me know how to find it?
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algevis says:

Thanks a lot!!!!
So Gooood Page..….
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