Android Froyo hacked onto Nokia N900

Enterprising hackers have managed to load Android 2.2 Froyo onto the geek-beloved Nokia N900, the Nokia phone you're supposed to hack. It now joins the iPhone in platforms that aren't "supposed" to run Android. This is not a complete build, as things like cell signal, mounting the SD card, and obtaining an IP address automatically over WiFi don't quite work just yet. The video does show it in action, with a quick walkthrough of the system and a demonstration of the new browser in Froyo, but you'll have to hit the break to see it. [Daily Mobile]

[YouTube link]
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JeffDenver says:

Android on a resistive screen? Oh ick. No thanks.

andykd88 says:

will someone please just get iOS running on Motorola Droid already? People seem so damn determined to get Android on other stuff. What if I wanna see what iOS looks like on something else!?

ianst28#AC says:

Am I the only one thinking that he should have thrown his rubbish (garbage) out before making his vid

On saying that that is one seriously cool piece of hacking now to send him my nexus one: -)

I really like the N900, been looking at getting one, if this intel moorestown phone doesn't pan out this year.

JeffDenver says:

I dont see the appeal of the N900 at all. What does it do that Android doesnt?

taharka says:

clean up your room. :-)

If someone was able to port Android on a treo palm OS... then that would be sweet for all those who want to keep sero...


tinnerdxp says:

I like the mess on his desk ;))))
Pr0p3r G33k :)