Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is an extremely useful app for tracking and finding your lost or stolen phone, and now you can use it to give a friend a helping hand when their phone is lost as well. The latest update to the app gives you a "Guest" option in the account switcher menu, which then lets a friend log into their Google Account and track their Android devices. Once logged in they can track, ring and erase their phones just as if they were using the ADM website or an installed app on another one of their devices.

Having temporary access to someone else's Android device to track a lost or stolen device could mean the difference between finding it and never seeing it again, so we applaud Google's inclusion of this feature in the latest release. You can download the Android Device manager app at the Play Store link above — it may just save your (or someone else's) phone one day.


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Android Device Manager app now lets guests temporarily track their lost phones


This is a pretty great development. It will make it much more convenient to find my son's phone which is lost on a semi-regular basis.

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Great addition. I wish Apple's Track My iPhone had the same ability, because someone-in-my-house-who-is-not-me loses her iPhone all the time.

When I had an iPhone I logged onto a friend's Find My iPhone app to track my own phone. This was two years ago.

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This is going to be really helpful if you're out and about and someone loses their phone. You'll be able to possibly find it right away or if not you'll be able to wipe it.

What if 2 step verification is turned on, then will you not need the code?

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That does suck. One more reason to carry backup codes in your wallet (which you should be doing already, just in case).

Couldn't you use a browser on your friend's phone to just login to your account before?

Thats a big one. i thought of that when it was intro'd. had to sign in on the browser with my fiance's phone when i misplaced my silent phone. obviously it didnt kill me to do it. but the play store wasn't mobile optimised yet so it was a pain

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