ICS on Youtube

Given how ridiculously goofy the Internet's gotten today, we suppose one more story won't hurt. The Androiddevelopers YouTube channel has a placeholder live event up, cryptically named "Android ICS Launch." It's timed to go live on Tuesday. That's also when the Google-Samsung event is scheduled for CTIA, but that might just be a coincidence. We're going to check with our super secret anonymous sources later tonight in a dark parking garage, just to make sure.

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Android Developers YouTube channel confirms what you already knew: Ice Cream Sandwich at CTIA


ok go check but at this point, really, what else could it be!? hopefully ppl. at Samsung and Google read android sites or they will be one hell of a shitstorm by not having our nexus ice cream sammich ready.

Today has been nuts! sites correcting other sites... everybody is fighting... CANT WE ALL GET ALONG!!! we have Ice cream sandwiches coming!

Hopefully Samsung having ics for the device its being debut 'd on gives them a head start getting it ready for the s2's. Here's to hoping. Please no year + ass dragging again.