300k per day

Andy Rubin, the person at the top of the Android project, just tweeted that there are over 300,000 activations of Android phones per day, up a full 100k per day since Aug 2010.  Let's have a look at that number, shall we?

  • That's 2,100,000 weekly
  • Or 9,000,000 monthly
  • Or 109,500,000 yearly

That's a lot of phones, and we like it a whole lot.  Go Android! [@arubin

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thisisbenji says:

I wonder how many of those activations are new phones.

When Steve Jobs asked that question last Septemebr, A Rubin answered:

"The Android activation numbers do not include upgrades and are, in fact, only a portion of the Android devices in the market since we only include devices that have Google services."

jmo4267 says:

Wow! That is alot of Phones..Go android, live forever!

lilbigboi says:

ok, but how many are they selling and how many are they actually giving away for free thats the real question.

702DROID says:

dont matter if its free or not its another android phone active...when was the last time they gave away free iphone's

lilbigboi says:

1st of all i never mentioned iphoneor ios. 2nd they dont have to because its selling like crazy. its not about marketshare its about profits.

daveloft says:

For an ad based company, high profit is result of high market share.

Google is giving away every single one of them. Android is FOSS.

tecknical says:

who cares. Market share man, that's what it's all about

WickedStyx says:

They're selling 12 phones per day and giving away the rest at a cost of say $150 each. That means they're losing $44,998,200 per day. Man, what are Google doing? Idiots!

The "free" phones cost nearly $2000 over their two-year contracts. The only truly free phones are from the North Pole. :)

Google actually loses money on each sale. They really do. They make their billions from the back end, ad placements.

The old joke was, "We lose money on every sale but we make it up in volume!"

Google really does.

arundc says:

Sweet but Andy...just 3 tweets?!?! ;-)

uberspeed says:

Definitely quality over quantity...

speednut says:

What's that smell you ask? Jobs just cr@pped himself exclaiming incredulously and ranting "How can that many people want pr0n phones!!!"

Cue Apple MarCom spin in 3, 2, 1...

eyesparky says:

Good to hear. Seems Andy Rubin tweets when some nonsense in the media takes hold. Quite a lot of noise this week about Android sales slowing down ... this pretty much puts that one to rest ;)

storm14k says:


Who would be dumb enough to say that? The comscore and Neilsen numbers obviously show that it isn't slowing down. It must be some of those Apple fanboy sites. I swear they just make up news to make the fanboys feel better about the money they wasted.

mullrat#WN says:

@storm14k fortune magazine had some data from google that said activations were down and that Android as an os had plateaued. Some pretty reliable sources claimed that. Good to hear that this isn't really true.

noszero says:

Android is ALL anybody is getting at my work! The new Guy has a iPhone 4, we make him eat lunch outside.

I LOL to this...good one hahaha

uberspeed says:

I think you should all sit down around him and play flash content.

eric6052 says:

I always enjoy the fact that on TIPB I can view the videos in flash videos d while the iphone and ipad fans can't.