As many of you (and some of us) come from a Windows Mobile background, you're likely used to seeing new and unreleased ROMs stripped off HTC phones spread into the wild. Such is the case with Android 2.1, aka Flan, which was ripped off the infamous Nexus One and is making the rounds on the likes of XDA Developers and elsewhere.

The ROM itself isn't up and running -- yet -- on other devices, but the boot animation apparently works just fine on the Motorola Droid, which is what we see above. [via Nexus One blog] And after the break, a closer look at the animation sequence. Visually striking, to say the least.

And when a ROM is ripped, so are its wallpaper and ringtones, which are available for all. You can snag them here.


Reader comments

Android 2.1 (Flan) ripped apart; boot animation, wallpapers, ringtones available


That boot sequence is fugly and I wouldn't defile my beloved MotoDroid by installing such an abomination!

How do I get these to work?? (obvious noob)

I switched from a simple storm 9530 to the droid and I love it but I'm new at this.

This is more than likely Flan, the latest update for android on the droid was NOT 2.1 it was 2.0.1 (easiest version to root) Flan however is 2.1 major update, this ROM is a rip of the Nexus One which has been rumored to carry the 2.1 "Flan" version.

Right... it's Android 2.1... which is codenamed Flan. Android 3.0 hasn't even been spoken of yet, let alone named. It follows the sweet foods type of naming convention. 2.0 is Eclair. 1.6 is Donut. 1.5 is Cupcake. And that's all we know thus far for naming.