Android 2.0 on an HTC HD2.

We've seen Android running on other Windows Mobile devices before, and now it's working on the HTC Touch HD. Check out the video after the break. It's not native (and I had really crappy results when I did this with my Touch Pro 2 a few weeks ago), but it looks like things are moving along pretty well now, with WiFi working, apps running and a number of Windows Mobile users feeling envious. Want to try it yourself? Hit up XDA Developers. [via MobileOSNews(Thanks, Wen!)


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Android 2.0 running on an HTC Touch HD


If only HTC would release an updated HD2 with Android 2.1 on Verizon we can stop playing these games. I guess the HD and Touch Pro 2 would be okay, but the processor would probably need to updated to at least the Snapdragon 1GHz.