Chromecast is what all the kids are talking about after today's Google event. And while Google Play isn't shipping for a couple more days, Amazon says it'll have the little HDMI dongle on your doorstep as soon as tomorrow, if you hurry. So check our our hands-on with the Chromecast, and hit the link below to order.

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ultravisitor says:

Already ordered from Google Play. Oh well. I'll just have to be patient.

Might wanna update that :P Says may need 1-2 days to process - I know when it said in stock on the page, when placed in the cart said the same thing and with Prime shipping said I'd have it on the 30th.

rpras says:

Ditto. Can't wait for the 30th.

Brian Healy1 says:

Same here, at least I know I'm not the only one.

cheuer says:

Now Amazon is saying "In stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process." It didn't when I placed my order there 20 minutes ago though.

jgunz says:

It might have sold out of its first allotment. Because my says now shipping with the tracking option under my order.

sethman2010 says:

Ordered mine on Amazon as soon as it popped up, showed a July 29 delivery date on my email receipt. Looking forward this little device!

bearda says:

Just canceled my Google Play order and went through Amazon. Free shipping with no tax? There's no question.

jamie says:


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banzaiwolfe says:

Did the same thing.

Same here.

Should have shopped around, but I impulsed clicked buy immediately at google play when it became available. It told me it would ship Aug. 7.

Canceled Play order, ordered from amazon estimated delivery for July 29. Free 2-day with my Prime subscription.

Thanks Phil!

Gtil says:

Me too!

dwhall says:

Says I'll have mine by July 26, 2013

sethman2010 says:

I love how there are already 16 user reviews of this on Amazon.

icebike says:

Not inconceivable since you can review them after you order them.
Some people have them already you know.

tonybyatt says:

Easiest Decision Ever...

Dirtman16 says:

Got lucky and saw it on Amazon right after they put it up. Should be here Friday.

fightcrazy says:

Just ordered mine from the Play Store. That will be great to watch Netflix with. I can watch all my Highlander episodes from the 1st to the very last.

fightcrazy says:

Cancelled mine from the Play Store and reordered thru Amazon, shipping today. Great deal from Google.
Thanks for the heads up.

planoman says:

Just ordered from Amazon! Will have it Tuesday...Thanks Phil!

rob6raham says:

Amazon UK:
We're sorry. We cannot find any matches for your search term.
Did you mean: chrome case

Buzz kill.

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YaSo says:

Hmm, since many people will buy the ChromeCast with their Amazon Prime 2-day shipping accounts, the question I have is, will there be an Amazon Prime video app for Android devices (or iOS) to control the ChromeCast on their TVs?

It'd be pretty odd to buy the thing from Amazon and not be able to use it with Amazon services.

paulmike3 says:

Stream via the Chrome webapp on a laptop? Not ideal, but should work.

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drhere says:

Just ordered one, why not I have Prime.

mstrblueskys says:

Was going to wait for Best Buy, but free shipping today seems pretty darn good.

GMC MaXx says:

I've already placed my order through the Play Store ...and now I have a second one coming through Amazon.

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winenerd says:

The Play Store order is really easy to cancel if you wanted to, just go to your receipt and open your order and click cancel order.

GMC MaXx says:

Play Store order canceled. Thanks.

vansmack says:

I did the same. Let's see which order arrives first!

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GMC MaXx says:

I'm guessing Amazon will arrive next week and the Play store will arrive early September.

9teen says:

Do you still get the 3 months free Netflix?

banzaiwolfe says:

It says on the Amazon page that you do. I wouldn't have canceled my Google Play order if it didn't, I'd rather save some money since I'm paying for Netflix anyways.

AaronTV says:

I don't see anything on the Amazon page about getting the 3 months of Netflix. Where did you see this?

Yes you do.Whether you buy it through Amazon,Best buy, or the play store. You get the deal.

paulmike3 says:

Out of stock on Amazon now. 2-4 weeks shipping estimate. Hopefully mine ships with the first batch!

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winenerd says:

With the free netflix, this will cost $11, wowzers!

ReggieTee says:

Can't cancel my Google Play order. Keep getting an error. Best Buy has them in stock but no instore pickup not available.

madj42 says:

Same here. I called in and they told me it cannot be cancelled due to the way they process orders. Total BS.


Not available in Canada, suck my dick Google. Sick of it.

Ratnok says:

Don't complain... move.

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Bkmike23 says:

Im having problems cancel my order through google play. Anyone else having this issue?

Bkmike23 says:

never mind! amazon is sold out. glad google didnt cancel my order after all lol

wagonis says:

Sweet! Was going to use some of my Google Play credit but the Play Store seems to be having some issue where it keeps going in and out of stock. So got mine from Amazon and free shipping too. Wicked!!! Now I wonder how long before Google will start an unlimited Movies & TV plan like the unlimited Music plan?

pstellato73 says:

Just ordered from Amazon and it said estimated delivery was August 21-22????

FroMagnus says:

same :( and I had cancelled my Play store estimated ship of Aug 7

baggyp says:

Out of stock!!!!

That sucks!!

ancho84 says:

I cannot cancel my Play store order... it says to try later... any one else have this problem?

Let's see... as a Netflix subscriber the 3 month credit is $24 -- since I'm paying this already, that makes the effective value $11... how can I *not* buy it!

TheBlueF0x says:

Exactly. You can't afford not to buy it for that lol.

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wagonis says:

Dear lord these things sold out quickly!

dharmik28 says:

Waste of money

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Trolls are supposed to be clever... Waste of troll

TheBlueF0x says:

Ordered mine when it first went live on Amazon. It'll be here Friday. Gotta love free two-day shipping. =)

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Rehzonance says:

Does this work with any tv with HDMI and USB?

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S_C_B says:

Got my Amazon order in earlier today! It should be here by Friday at the latest.

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ansextra says:

As was previously said out of stock. I'm Prime so would have been able to save the $3.99 shipping but I can live with that. My order is in with Google Play. If I see Amazon get more in before Google ships then I'll decide what to do.

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I'll have mine on Friday! I'll be watching Netflix all day while other people have to wait. Hahaha.

Dan29466 says:

Mine will be here tomorrow. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

poxitee says:

I hope android central will sell thissonn with international shipping

poxitee says:

this soon*

Doan says:

Is there a video of the breakfast event floating around?

Dan29466 says:

Your estimated delivery date is:
Thursday, July 25, 2013

Longest 24 hours ever.

orlanka says:

Was just about to post the same thing: DELIVERY ESTIMATE: THURSDAY, JULY 25, 2013 BY 8:00PM

wsteske says:

Just got a shipping CONFIRMATION from Amazon that mine will be here tomorrow!!!

icedhot says:

i think i will stick with my allshare play & note2

ansextra says:

I just called Google and you can't cancel your order after an hour. I ended up ordering from Best Buy since they offered free shipping and it may actually get here faster. Google told me just to refuse delivery or call UPS when I get my tracking number and tell them I don't want the item. Refund will be processed within two weeks. Sucks but luckily I can afford wait for the $40 refund.

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x53 says:

Not really impressen.. Its only $6 more for a stand alone android mini pc like the mk808 (geekbuying) full HD stream from internet or network microsd usb flash& hdd support

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dhawk1202 says:

I got mine at a best buy store already! some big stores have it already!

^yup! just got mine form a Best Buy nearby. This thing is pretty sweet. Already tried all the stuff they demo'd. Works great

tigerhoodz06 says:

Just cancelled my google play order and got it from Best Buy. Saved on shipping and I think it will come sooner. Thanks all.

David Suarez says:

Amazon shipped my chromecast, but I haven't gotten a Netflix code email yet

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Schnitzer21 says:

I ordered mine as soon as it went live in the play store. Got a tracking number this morning with a delivery date of today July 25th. Well done google, next day shipping! Maybe this will re-assure me in making purchases through the play store after that god awful nexus 7 disaster last summer. :)

I won an ipad 2 years ago.
I have the hd connection kit.
Think that basically does the same in a larger package?
I am going away for a few days and at home we stream netflix using older Nintendo wii's but when on vacation we use the iphone/ ipad.
I will eventually get this, but just wondering if the same thing is accomplished but just in a smaller package using the chromecast?

bug_nuts1 says:

I ordered yesterday the moment they became available via amazon, with nextday shipping from prime! My tracking says out for delivery today!!!

David Suarez says:

did you get netflix code email yet?

Malik Nash says:

Seems like a response to the Roku, but there's not a lot of value that I can see. Why should I buy a standalone device that requires another device in order to function? Any laptop or netbook can do the same thing and much more.

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I ordered mine from Amazon on the 24th, said I would have it the 30th. It has still not shipped and does not have a date.

Ereck Ladd says:

Curious who is still waiting? I ordered two of them through Amazon Prime on the 24th but still have not shipped. I get the sense Amazon may have fulfilled these out of order. My order would have been placed around 7pm with ship to Arkansas. Still showing an estimated ship date of October though I did receive the email stating that ship date is not correct.