We're guessing Amazon was feeling a little left out of all the HTC Thunderbolt launch date rumors. Seriously, though, we've pretty much got every day in February covered at this point, so no matter when it comes out everyone can say they were right. In any event, if you stroll on over to Amazon and do a search you'll see they now have the device listed for February 14. You can sign up to be notified when it becomes available. One thing is for certain though, the HTC Thunderbolt is coming -- soon. [via BGR]


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Amazon says HTC ThunderBolt coming February 14


Yes last night sucked! No doubt. But it certainly isn't too late for Sprint to announce an upgrade to the Evo. The Evo's a big winner! Look how everyone compares the newest phones to it... Could you imagine if Sprint had said the Echo was the logical succession from the Evo????

Yes last night sucked! No doubt. But it certainly isn't too late for Sprint to announce an upgrade to the Evo. The Evo's a big winner! Look how everyone compares the newest phones to it... Could you imagine if Sprint had said the Echo was the logical succession from the Evo????

Not necessarily.
I LIKE Sprint's network. I LIKE that I pay a whole lot less than my brother does on Verizon for my service.

I left sprint despite their cheaper plans for verizon. I realized that if I want a top of the line phone with no shortcuts, specifically a phone with a lot of internal storage and not just 1 or 2 gigs and then depending on an sd card for space, then I had to leave. I got the droid 2 and I have no regrets. We could get into pros and cons for both networks but in the end Sprint just doesn't have as many phone choices and they rely on just having 1 or 2 flagship phones. Even the new evo shift 4g is missing a front-facing camera. If it's a 4g phone then it should be capable of video-chat. And last night they're showing off a new 3G phone?!? WTF??? Sprint has a head start on 4G; why the F are they wasting their head start on a 3G phone??

So, if you wanna save money I understand but if you want a high end phone with more than 2 gigs of ROM sprint doesn't have any phones that will suit your needs. Just my humble opinion...

I almost went with Verizon and a Droid 2 but decided their services were too expensive and opted for the EVO and Sprint. Then CES arrived and everyone but Sprint had a large screen dual core phone with more internal memory than the EVO. Then this joke happened last night with a "NINTENDO DS STYLE" 3G phone? WTF??? Sprint had better get cracking and start catching up some time before my two year upgrade is over. The ONLY reason I didn't go with T-Mo and a Nexus S or MyTouch 4G is that they didn't have either one at the Best Buy I went to.

Ouch, I was on sprint for a few years (and before the merger I was on nextel). When I had a messaging phone and wanted to upgrade to a smartphone I kept holding out to save my upgrade. What I did instead was settle for a smartphone by buying one through craigslist that way when a flagship phone I definitely wanted came out I could upgrade. So, I bought a BB Curve on CL. Had it for 6 months but it started getting soooo slow, so again through CL I bought a palm pre after all the hype about it I figured I'd give it a try. Only had that for a few months and realized it was just a slow phone from the get go so I switched to the htc hero again by buying it through craigslist. Fell in love with android but that phone started getting super slow. During this time I was really waiting for the nexus one and of course we all know what happened. It never came. So, I anticipated the EVO. One of my main issues with the hero was that it did not have much internal storage and if I wanted to download another app I kept having to uninstall other apps. When I saw that the EVO only had 1 gig of ROM I knew that was not enough. I finally realized sprint is stingy when they pick their parts for their phones. Jumped ship; went to VZdubs, picked up the D2 and have no regrets for leaving sprint. :D

I preordered my Thunderbolt at Best Buy last night and they told me Feb 14th release, so I'd say its a pretty safe bet.

i dont get it...i thought best buy was supposed to have the national retail exclusive....does this mean amazon can take orders just wont ship for few weeks?

as long as VZW has it on Monday I wont care

Does anyone know if Verizon is going to have an additional surcharge for 4g like sprint does? (the $10 addition to $30 data)

I had the same question. I was told in the forum that you could only do 1-year contracts through Verizon. And I'm pretty sure the same is true for using any NE2 discount.

I just called Verizon and was informed I could not use my NE2 discount on a 1yr contract. Does this sound right?

I called Verizon & after B.S.ing with a rep on how Im thinking about cancelling all 4 of my lines unless There is a 4g phone coming out, she told me that after the iphone hype of 2/10/11 Verizon will then focus on promoting a 4g device schedule to release the 1st part of next week 2/13/11 & for me to be patient.

I wonder if Verizon will offer a presale on maybe the 9th or 10th?...I would love to get the phone delivered on the 14th if that is in fact the release date.

I talked with verizon today and there was still no detail on pricing for 4G plans. That's my only worry, if it's going to cost me an extra $10 per month for 4G.

i'll throw this out there. i talked to a guy on sunday from verizon. like you said, they had no info. but here is what is out there right now. the 3g and 4g mobile broadband is the same price.

now this doesnt mean that 4g will be the same price as the 3g phone prices. but maybe it is possible. I am hoping for a $30 unlimited 4g plan for the phones.

Nobody is assuming anything asshole, if I assumed it I would have said "I'm not getting this because I think Verizon will up charge $10 for 4G service". I haven't made a move because there is no information out there yet. No information on phone price, no information on plan price, no information on release date.