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The early pilot program expands to let all developers respond to issues directly and i​n public

Google is working to make the Play Store reviews system a little more constructive today by expanding the ability to respond to reviews to any developer, rather than just a small testing group. Developers can now respond to complaints, bug reports and general feedback from their Google Play Developer Console, which will show up publicly as a direct threaded response to the original review. When a comment is made, the original reviewer receives an email notification of it and can respond in-line again directly from that email or from the Play Store again as well.

Google Play Store App Reviews

Just as before, the original reviewer and developer can both edit their reviews and comments at any time, which is important to be able to do if the issues causing a bad review have been fixed. Together with the movement to using Google+ profiles to tie a real name (presumably) and picture to reviews to help cut down on spam, the Google Play reviews system is making big steps forward.

Source: Android Developers Blog; Via: TNW


Reader comments

All developers can now reply to Google Play reviews


I wish they didn't require Google Plus to review apps. I stopped when that was implemented because I have zero desire to have a G+ account. It's basically just a shady way to inflate their user numbers.

@I have noticed since you have to be a g+ member to leave reviews less and less reviews are posted esp on newer apps. There are hardly any reviews now its kinda annoying.

g+ a lot better than Facebook why are ppl so afraid of trying g+ what's the big deal, you find what you like an follow it. if you have a gmail account you have already a g+ account their just asking you sign in so your reviews can be read by ppl that do use it. common since ppl.

Honestly, I miss anonymous reviews. I don't troll reviews, but I prefer not to be hounded for leaving a negative review when an app really is a piece of "work".

If only there was a way to flag malware to Google...
Including 'apps' that just open the browser and go to a site of course.

I don't think this is the best idea. I've seen the replies, they aren't helpful 90% of the time. Hopefully, developers will be smart about the feature and simply don't use it.

I am glad to see this open to all developers, as long as people don't abuse it with trolling. The developer's responses will give users more information about what is planned to solve problems or add features. The comments I've seen have helped me decide whether to buy/install an app or not.