GMail signaturesNot everyone uses signatures for their daily email, but many people find it invaluable. You can use anything from a simple name or favorite saying all the way up to including contact info and work position. Or, you can do anything in between.

Creating a signature in the native Gmail app in Android is dead easy, just launch Gmail and go to Menu > More > Settings > Signature. So far, you can only have one signature per account, but you can create different signatures for each Gmail account you have. Perhaps this is a feature Google will include in a future update (which should be much easier now that Gmail is a stand-alone app), but we will all have to live with just one signature for now.

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Flip says:

I like it n use it

hanrahan says:

Is it possible to add multiple lines to your signature? The appearance of the text box has always made me think that you could not, which makes the feature pretty pointless.

A better approach would be a configuration option to enable the signature configured within your actual gmail account to appear in the mails sent from the phone.

moosc says:

I have two lines in my signature my name then sent from droidX

Velocity says:

Mine says "Sent from Motorola DynaTAC 8000X"