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Pro version just $1.99, 50% off, for a limited time after launch

Popular third-party launcher Action Launcher has made a notable jump to version 2.0 today, bringing with it new features and a slightly different business model. Version 2.0 brings Quickdrawer, Covers, Shutters, Quicksearch and Quickpage out of beta for everyone to use, and also introduces a free version of Action Luncher.

Previously you had to go all-in with a $3.99 purchase of Action Launcher, but you can now get a taste of what it's all about for free and simply pay to unlock the "Pro" features at a later date. Those who have already purchased Action Launcher will have their version turned into an unlock key, and be prompted to download the most up-to-date version of the "free" app to get the latest features.

To celebrate the release, the Pro version is 50 percent off for a limited time as well, meaning you can pick up all of the latest features for just $1.99. You can take a quick video look at the latest version after the break, or head to the Play Store to download Action Launcher at the link above.

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itr themes says:

looks pretty slick...may have to check out the free version.

mathiasjk says:

It IS pretty slick - I bought it 3 weeks ago for $4 which is a lot for a launcher but it's a really great one.

idontball says:

Agreed, but what features does the pro have that the free doesn't?

mathiasjk says:

The free version is new and were released today. I think it's a trial.

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btgrave says:

1-Swipe: access the Quickdrawer and Quickpage from any app on your device, whether Action Launcher is running or not.
Enable 1-Swipe - access the Quickdrawer and Quickpage from other apps!
Use icon packs
Change the icon scale
Change individual icons
Hide apps from the Quickdrawer
Use Shutters in a folder
Change the widget used in a Shutter
Change the Quickdrawer and Quickpage backgrounds
Remove the upgrade incentives throughout the app
Access to future features such as displaying the unread/notification count

twolastnames says:

It's pretty much the only launcher with any real unique features. Far and away my favorite.


fldude99 says:

I would say that Aviate is about the most unique launcher, but not as polished as Action. Well worth the purchase.

twolastnames says:

It may be unique, (aviate) but I can set my phone up better than an algorithm in a program. Plus, I've never found a use for most location based settings, except when I need to navigate somewhere. Mehh

tkags85 says:

Larry Page is his frequently called contact.. lol..

sensory says:

I love this launcher on my phone. Not as great on my tablet, but then there's the bigger screen to deal with of course!

psyjohn says:

Funny, I use it on both of my tablets but I've switched to Aviate for my phone.

XavierMatt says:

Tried this launcher about four times....I just can't get into it.

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twolastnames says:

It's a bit like meth, try it a 5th time, you'll be hooked for life.

theintention says:

I bought this a couple months ago. May install this later tonight.

CyaniCs says:

Warning. Launcher doesn't show in app store via device, just yet. You need to use a computer to send the installation to the device. The Pro version is now just an unlocker, and will nuke your device if you upgrade pro to pro.

The pro contains a link to the new 'free' launcher, which is the base, but the link is dead.

/found out hard way.

NickLippert says:

I got it to download via my phone just fine.

twolastnames says:

Just make sure you have another launcher that works.


CyaniCs says:

the pro version was pushed out prior to to the free. and it required the free as the base. I happened to be one of the lucky few (read the reviews from today, that hit it at that time.

/noderp, punctual, autoupdates.

Windfrenzy says:

Yep I hit it then too. I froze the stock launcher (guess that was a dumb idea) so now my device is stuck at the boot animation. I'm gonna try to uninstall TIBU with adb to see if I can avoid a factory reset.

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a3uge says:

Great intuitive launcher.

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So I wonder how many people have tried calling "Larry Page"?

Anyway, glad to see Chris is doing well enough with Action Launcher that he can change things up and offer a free version for people to try. I know he's caught a lot of grief over time about how much Action Launcher is.

Though it's not priced much differently than most other launchers full versions are.

Keep up the great work Chris!

moosc says:

Did he finally add the scrolling dock?

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sequoia462 says:


Grahaman27 says:

It also needs an gel-like way to add additional homescreens

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15israellai says:

I knew I should have held off for a sale someday.

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Maisoumenos says:

awesome update but how the hell do you add apps to the quickpage, in that gray square? when i try it just moves the app above or below the square

sequoia462 says:

The square is a "recents" widget

Maisoumenos says:

o ok yea i see that now. thanks!

fldude99 says:

I just dragged the widget or app across the main screen to the right, and it put them into the box

sequoia462 says:

Really buggy, I don't have time for this! Resets my doc when I make setting changes and widgets are acting weird on resize.

jcorv58 says:

Maybe I'm blind but I don't see an option or feature request to add custom icon to folders? That would have kept me from purchasing had I remembered to check before buying (I know, picky). Otherwise it's a great looking/feeling launcher.

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twolastnames says:

On you folder there is a 3 dot menu on the bottom right corner. Change the folder to a cover, now whatever app is the first one, it shows up as the icon. Press the folder to open that first app, swipe up to open the folder. Works pretty awesome.

Do I delete the free version?I brought the pro version and accidentally downloaded the free version.

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The Pro is just a verification key essentially. You need both installed. I haven't used it since one of the recent betas. Been using the GEL to change things up.

Installed the Pro version first and it verified I was a Pro owner, then directed me to download the free version.

Amir47 says:

broke knock on on my G2 and was too late for a refund

Nova Launcher does that as well I believe.

JaylanPHNX says:

I've always been impressed by Action Launcher's features, but they just don't fit into my usage style/scenarios.

kelayz says:

I bought it the week it was released and loved it since!! Usedbon all devices for the entire time I had them! Its clean quick and slick if you put only one home screen it makes things even quicker

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jimgravy says:

Installed on my TMO LG G2, lost tap on tap off function when I'm on the home screen. Please don't take my knock on away!! Sorry, have to uninstall. That's a shame it looks smooth!!

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xXBodiesXx says:

Love the update but lost my Android Central widget it's not in the drawer?

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twolastnames says:

Restart your phone, see if that fixes it.

I'm rather disappointed that the ability to use icon packs is considered a Pro feature. It seems like such a basic feature.

twolastnames says:

It's one guy, and I'm pretty sure he quite his job to dev full time for this one app, so I think you can cut the guy some slack.

Mdowdy81 says:

You should try unicon if you're rooted and have xposed framework installed, it'll change your icons to whatever icon pack you choose system wide rather than just the launcher

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XavierMatt says:

So I tried it again and there have definitely been a lot of changes made. Its becoming more if a skin seeing how I can interact with it from other apps. I like it....we'll see how long this last.

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New version is nice, BUT UPGRADE WAS NOT SMOOTH. I lost all of on screen my widgets and has to set them up again. Do a backup just before you update and I wish you better lunch. The upgrade is worth the pain.

Duncan1982 says:

I am now giving action launcher a blast and i like it-although alot of features are for pro only which makes sense from a developers perspective so wont moan about that. Its smooth and responsive so a well done to chris keep up the great work.

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this launcher is amazing , i'm using it on my Note 3 SM-N9005 and i can't find anything i would criticize , but the list made by TopTipsAndroid is amazing check it out guys