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If you're hankering to live on the bleeding edge, a beta version of the desktop Chrome browser for 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems is now available. No need to uninstall your existing version of Chrome, this one will haul in all of your existing settings painlessly.

If you're interested in the technical nitty-gritty, there's a full-blown changelog here for your perusal. Head on over to the Beta Chrome download page to give it a shot. Any takers?

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64-bit Chrome desktop browser now available in beta


Wonder how it performs. Went to the Dev version and the performance was so awful that I quickly came all the way back around to Stable just to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

Yes, yes, Dev is basically alpha. But it's usually worked better than that for me, and the 32-bit wasn't that bad.

Since today, you mean? Took me a while to see the hit, too, but it eventually took both my desktop and laptop to a crawl.

it's been out for a week or so and I've noticed improvements, definitely feels snappier and I keep like 40 tabs open.

Check "Advanced Options" under "Settings" and it's in there. You have to check the box yourself though as it's not on by default.

Only issue I'm having at the moment is that the text on a lot of sites looks fuzzy. Any idea what could be causing that?

What's the purpose of a 64bit browser? How much ram do you need to view a web page or a web app? Are there any 64bit plugins? 32bit will work just fine. No purpose for 64bit right now.

Also many people open several sites at the same time. Flash and certain other web components can take up a lot of memory.

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PLEASE tell me that they made Chrome look better on high res computers running Windows 8... I love Chrome but can't use it on my Surface Pro 3 because the DPI scaling looks horrendous on the screen. Turning off DPI scaling results in an unusable experience because Chrome becomes extremely tiny. Somehow, Firefox doesn't have this problem in Windows.

I hope they fix it soon, since my QHD+ XPS 15 is arriving soon and I'd love to be able to use chrome on it!

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I've got the XPS 15 and Chrome Beta looks great on it! It only started working like last week but it's fine now. Scrolling is slightly choppy, especially compared to IE but it's no longer a lo-res mess.

Totally agree. My friend got a new laptop with Windows 8 and we loaded a Chrome and were like, "WTF???"

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Well color me impressed... I just installed this beta, and Chrome looks PERFECT on my Surface! That's the most pleasant surprise I've had in a long, long time.

What about 64-bit Linux systems? Has Chrome (or Chromium) always been 64-bit on those? I don't think 32-bit libraries get installed by default.

Weird. According to the Chrome Beta application I'm running on Win7 64bit, I'm on Version 37.0.2062.58 beta-m. Link to changelog says "Incrementing VERSION to 37.0.2062.44". So, I guess I already have the 64 bit supported version? The installer error'd out, saying it couldn't install the same version I already had.

Until they improve battery life on Windows, Chrome isn't touching my SP3. Last pass and Xmarks makes it easy to use IE/Firefox.

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I tried it for the day but the browser kept lagging and freezing up when switching tabs. Went back to stable Chrome and no issues.

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Could be a placebo effect, or confirmation bias, or whatever you want to call it, but it definitely feels a lot quicker and snappier to me.

poor Windows apps always slow to 64bit... It is odd that it's taken Google this long to do 64bit Chrome on Windows.