China-based Xiaomi started selling its Android-based tablet, the Mi Pad, in its home country earlier this week and the company claimed that 50,000 units were sold in its first 3 minutes and 59 seconds.

The Mi Pad is the first tablet to be released with NVIDIA's new Tegra K1 quad-core processor running at 2.2 GHz. Perhaps more importantly, it's been designed to be a cheaper competitor to Apple's iPad mini. The 7.9 inch Mi Pad, which comes in five different colors, has a resolution of 2048x1536. Inside there is 2 GB of RAM, an eight megapixel rear camera and a five megapixel front facing camera, along with a 6700 mAh battery.

Xiaomi is selling the Mi Pad in its 16 GB version for CN¥1,499 ($240), while the 64 GB version is on sale for CN¥1,699 ($270). There is a microSD card slot for even more storage expansion. There's no word yet if the Mi Pad will be sold outside of China.

Source: Xiaomi via Neowin


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50,000 units of Xiaomi's Mi Pad sold in just under four minutes


The specs for such a low price are really really good. No wonder so many of these sold. If this were to come to India they would sell like hotcakes :P

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This would sell well just about anywhere.
However, i think that the Apple-esque design might keep it from selling in the USA
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I'm pretty sure people in America would take into consideration stuff like the OS and all much more closely than back here.

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I wouldn't. One of my first forays into ROMs was MIUI and I really did not like it compared to whatever version/skin that came with my phone. It is not for me

Bodes well for consumers if a company can release a device with these kind of specs at such a good price

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That's what Xiaomi is all about. They're called the "Apple of China", except they make amazing products that sell for near-cost prices.

Amazing specs.....will definitely going to buy one when it comes to India

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I don't care what you think about the design or software, but you cannot deny the insanity of those specs for $250.

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If there isn't ROM support, at least you can get the Google Now launcher

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The text in the product description is hilarious!!! Joking aside, I'd pay $359 for those specs.

"Made the best Andriod Pad, better use than mini iPad"

"Specific design MIUI for MI-Pad. Developer verison will undated weekly."

"Improved features like lock screen , auncher, gallery ,video & reading for large screen .auncher, gallery ,video & reading for large screen"

Not gonna lie, I was skeptical when I read the article title but after reading the article I'm not anymore. Pretty good deal.

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Unbelievable specs and good looks ya the UI is meh but you can always put a custom launcher do this is awesome apple can stick it

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I would love for Xiaomi to bring their high end but midrange priced devices to the US. We need more companies to force better prices on all the cash hungry players here. Nexus started it, Then Motorola and Oneplus followed, but we can always use more choice.

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I'll just call overseas and order it.. I want to see what that K1 is all about.. They can put it on a slow boat I'm not in a big rush.

I checked everywhere and didn't see it. But they do have some decent stuff. I'd love to try one of those Chinese tablets and see how they perform.

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Is this the aspect ratio people really want? Rather than the 16:9 or 16:10 more typical in Android.

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Why is this considered a big deal? There are over 1 billion people in China and 50,000 units sold in 4 minutes is a lot? Don't Apple and Samsung sell nearly a million handsets every single day? But 50,000 of a tablet in one day is a big deal? Sorry, don't see what is so special about this???

I think Xiaomi sell their devices in limited batches online. So 50k in 4 minutes is like the people that line up outside shops for the new Samsung/HTC/Apple flagship.
Then they start selling them normally later on.

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No it doesn't. You have to buy your apps from the malware ridden 3rd party Chinese market, and you don't get access to Google's apps.

Once/if it comes to the states, buy one, throw a Cyanogen ROM on there and I'll be happy!

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Hopefully this will be solf outside of the Asian market, it looks like a great tablet and I'd be interested in buying one.